Obama's Government is Broken

Rep. Ryan exposes disgraceful D.C. shamelessness


Process is Substance

Congress deemed a Slaughterhouse


Kill the Bill

Obamunists willing to go to extremes


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It's OK to attack conservative women

If you're a Collectivist


The MRC’s Culture and Media Institute looked back at what the liberal media had to say about conservative women in 2009 and it wasn’t pretty. Conservative women found themselves the victims of the worst sort of vitriol – including on a particularly disgusting Playboy “hate f—” list that featured 10 prominent conservative women. But even mainstream cable networks and broadcast networks joined in the attack, with MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann comparing Michelle Malkin to a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it” and comedian Chuck Nice telling a “Today” show panel that Sarah Palin “is like herpes” to the GOP.
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SEIU fraud unit quits labor-state

Obama prefers rebranding to disbanding
A former leader of Maryland's ACORN chapter said Monday the group will no longer operate in the state, doomed by an embarrassing national scandal six months ago from which the organization never recovered.

Sonja Merchant-Jones, former co-chairwoman of the state chapter of ACORN and a board member since 1999, said there are no plans in Maryland to rebrand under a different name, a move undertaken Monday by several ACORN affiliates across the country.
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SEIU sends in Obama's goon squad

Pres. Andy Stern uses the persuasion of power

Likewise, the Service Employees International Union, which stands to gain many unionized members if health care passes, has also been active. New York Democrat Mike McMahon was visited by a top SEIU official and told that he won't get union funding if he votes "no." Indeed, union representatives hinted they might look for a primary challenger or third-party candidate to run in his Staten Island district.

Such threats may not be as effective as liberal interest groups hope. Mr. McMahon's district voted for John McCain last year and Democrats know any last-minute primary challenger to Mr. McMahon would likely lose to a Republican in the fall, even if he or she succeeded in toppling the incumbent in the Democratic primary. Threats by MoveOn.org and SEIU against many incumbents are also less than believable simply because the filing deadline to mount primary challenges has already passed for more than 40% of House seats. Meanwhile, the debate over health care has dragged on so long that many Democratic members are now clearly more worried about the impact on general election voters than on the party faithful.

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