Glam-Lamestream Fail

Andrew Klavan takes on Hollywood CultureSmog


Dems go behind closed doors again

Transparency eludes the Power Class


The People Have Spoken

Obama exposes yawning Credibility Gap


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Here come the 'Useful Idiots'

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky



As you may know, I do a cartoon on Big Hollywood every Sunday with Batton Lash called Obama Nation. It gives us the opportunity to lampoon the WPE* since few others seemed willing to do it when we started. But Big Journalism offers the opportunity to mock the “mainstream media” which constantly fails to report the facts or deal with reality. So I called up another friend, comics veteran and fellow libertarian, Val Mayerik to enter the fray and have a few laughs.

The strip we’re doing is called “Useful Idiots.” A term coined by the Soviets as the pet name they had for Western Lefties who believed any lie they were fed. It will feature a cast of familiar characters you may have seen on TV while changing channels. For the sake of storytelling we’ve put them all at the same network which we call BSN. And we focus on showing how the so called infotainment world provides neither. Info nor entertainment. Just a lot of partisan noise dressed up as “news” or “commentary”.

(from James Hudnall and Val Mayerik @ bigjournalism.com)

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Must. Fund. ACORN.

Social Justice fraud alive and well!


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