BigLabor Corrupts from Within

Extreme New Prog collectivists alienate Dems

The problem for unions isn’t that Democrats are weak allies, but that Labor’s goals have become so radical as to split the only party that will countenance them. In decades past, unions fought for reasonable access to health insurance, workplace safety, and job security, an agenda that could win broad support from both parties. Over the last twenty years, the unions have become much more interested in hard-Left policies such as universal health care, and in staking out ridiculous demands on the labor-management relationship, attempting to win through government force what it could never gain through any reasonable negotiation.

Becker makes a good poster child for the shift in unions. Becker has argued for forced union representation, asserting that workers cannot legitimately choose not to be represented by a union but only should be allowed to choose which union that will take their dues. That’s not a mainstream view in America, or anywhere else. Their rabid support for Becker to get confirmed to the NRLB demonstrates the radicalization of a a movement based initially on pragmatism, and the curdling of its core mission to protect workers into a mission to enslave them. After all, forcing workers to pay tribute to a set of leaders whom they never agreed to appoint as their representatives as a condition of continuing to work doesn’t sound a lot different in principle from the days of company scrip in the West Virginia coal mines a century ago.

Card Check is another example. The unions propose to steal the right to hold a secret ballot — a core value in American electoral processes — and impose unionization by force through a card-signing process they control. That isn’t consonant with mainstream American values. But it does show the desperation of unions that have failed to remain relevant, losing membership thanks to both the success in mainstreaming workplace protections into law over the last 70 years and to the radical, hard-Left agenda the movement now embraces.

Maybe the unions should sit out a few electoral cycles and start reflecting on their increasing dislocation from American values.

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We don't need no stinkin' non-union vols

BigGov unions out of bounds, again

First, they came for the Babysitter. Then, they came for the Eagle Scout. Now, they’ve come for the Crossing Guard.


Warren Eschenbach, an 86-year-old a retired Wausau Water Works employee volunteers his time as a crossing guard at the Riverview Elementary School in Wausau, Wisconsin. After the Wausau School District built an area just outside an intersection at the school’s location for parents to pickup their kids from the school, the intersection became busier than usual for a short time every day. So, Eschenbach did a noble thing. He went over to the school and spoke with parents, kids and administrators, and he volunteered to patrol the area at pickup time to make sure kids got to their parents’ cars and that others crossed the streets safely. After all, he worked for five years as a crossing guard at the Franklin Elementary School up until three years ago. He lives two doors down and it’s for a half hour every day. Who could take issue with that?

Well, apparently union bosses can.

Read the full story from my friend Peter List over at LaborUnionReport.com.

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Ruthless SEIU-Obama Admin decimates Dems

Will the last Obamunist to leave please shut the door?


SEIU bigs hush-up latest financial fraud

Typical misuse of other people's money at Obama's favorite union
Tasty hears the Gilda Valdez , Chief of Staff at SEIU 1021, has been placed on leave while her use of union funds is being investigated!

You may remember Gilda as a member of 1021's "Salsa Team" that tried to guarantee that only delegates loyal to 1021's President Damita Davis-Howard would be elected to delegate positions at the SEIU 2008 convention in Puerto Rico.

Word is that 1021 and SEIU are keeping this under wraps while they figure out how extensive the misconduct is and how best to keep it from turning into yet another financial scandal.

Tasty wonders if Andy Stern and Anna Burger ever wonder why the staff they promote to do their dirty work are also untrustworthy with SEIU members' dues and rights?

Annelle Grajeda (721), Tyrone Freeman (6434), Rickman Jackson (6434/Michigan), Sharon-Frances Moore (221), Jane McAlevey (1107), Byron Hobbs (880), Alejandro Stephens (1021)...who is next?
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Social-justice fraud goes underground

Where have all the Kennedys gone?


BigLabor imposes Raw Deal on Grandma

Gov't-backed thugs extract tribute from anyone, anywhere

Michigan home day care owner Sherry Loar had a rude awakening with her state check. “The next time I received my co-pay check … they took out union dues!” (See video of Sherry and other day care owners here)

But she and other workers say they have received none of the benefits promised when union and state officials did the deal.

Loar is referring to the checks she regularly receives from the State of Michigan’s Department of Human Services on behalf of low-income parents who participate in a subsidy program. It turns out as of January, 2009, Sherry and some 40,000 home day care business owners in Michigan now belong to a public sector union called “Child Care Providers Together Michigan” (CCPTM). According to an announcement about the formation of this union, the CCPTM, formed by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the United Auto Workers (UAW) is “an historic public service organizing drive.”

While being touted as “historic”, it’s hardly original. A 2007 report and power point presentation by the National Women’s Law Center describes how AFSCME and the Service Employees International Union began a nationwide effort to organize home day care providers, and struck a deal so as to not step on each other’s toes:

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Prog contempt poisons U.S. elections

Obama: A mere transitional figure for U.S. fascists

Project Vote has been causing mischief in the Midwest since before President Obama was their community organizer, but this last decade has seen an evolution in the number and sophistication of state cases. We start in Michigan, where The Secretary of State Project (SoSP) has endorsed progressive Jocelyn Benson for Michigan Secretary of State. The following is how the endorsement should read:

“Progressive scholar and DNC organizer Jocelyn Benson is running for an open seat to replace Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land, who prevented us from adding unsupervised provisional ballots to your elections. In 2004, Benson ran a voter ‘protection’ campaign in 21 states for the DNC, deploying 17,000 starving lawyers at minimum wage to coerce low-income voters. In Michigan in 2008, Benson helped lead the progressive fight to stop Secretary of State Land from cleaning the voter rolls. We plan to sue the state of Michigan no matter who wins, but it will hurt less if she is elected.”

At least that is how I read their endorsement, but maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Let us go back to June 16, 2004.

A directive issued by the Michigan Director of Elections established provisional ballots would not be counted for (1) first-time voters who register by mail and who cannot provide identification on election-day, and (2) voters who vote at the wrong polling place. Provisional voting is required by the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), and applies to an individual that does not appear on the official list of eligible voters for the precinct in which that individual wants to vote. HAVA allows for “voter registration procedures established under applicable State law,” in regards to compliance. In fact, much of HAVA allows for states to establish the procedures necessary to implement the policies.

Of course, we know that progressive contempt for state law and practice is only surpassed by progressive contempt for well-run elections.

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Lamestreams smacked with ridicule

Do they ever deserve it


Sing along here.

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