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Post-Constitutional - New Prog Era plagues U.S.


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Douglas Wilder rips SEIU-Obama Administration

Is Andy Stern listening too much to Obama?
But a spate of recent losses in races that Democrats should have won underscores what has been obvious to me for a long time: The chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee is the wrong job for him.

The changes must go much deeper. Obama’s West Wing is filled with people who are in their jobs because of their Chicago connections or because they signed on with Obama early during his presidential campaign.

One problem is that they do not have sufficient experience at governing at the executive branch level.

The deeper problem is that they are not listening to the people. Hearing is one thing; listening is another.

Some are even questioning whether Obama has forgotten how he got elected and the promises he made to the people who elected him.

Don't take my word for any of this. Look at the clear message the American people have been sending at the polls these past few months.
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Labor-state dismisses private sector

Progressive job drip now a tax-fueled tsunami


Liberal-Progs heart discredited Keynes

Nixon was 'The One' before Obama



States Hold the Answer to a Runaway Congress

The state of New Jersey provides in Article 1 Section 2b of its Constitution that:

The people reserve unto themselves the power to recall, after at least one year of service, any elected official in this State or representing this State in the United States Congress. The Legislature shall enact laws to provide for such recall elections.

Eight other states—Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin—have laws on their books providing for broad recall of elected officials, which could include Members of Congress. Altogether, these nine states have 12 incumbent Senators in the runaway Congressional majority who are not already standing for re-election in 2010, but, in the event of successful petition drives, could be.

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Actually, it's MyCongressmanIsNuts.com



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Diseducation plagues U.S.

We don't need no stinkin' non-union private schools


Stern-Obama: Craig Becker Fail

Union bigs get cloture vote to punish wayward Senators

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MS-NBC hypocrite overexposed!

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