Obama ridicule goes mainstream

Ghetto Lady Ga Ga does her famous song 'Bad Finance'


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Lamestream pushers hooked on Hopeium

Addictive habits prove hard to kick
The first step towards rehab is recognition. If you don’t KNOW you have a problem, how can you begin to solve it? This is where Scott Brown comes in. The new Senator from Massachusetts might have caused a few media people to drop the needle, flush the pills, or at least think about it. Paul Krugman, lib writer at the New York Times even said the other day, “I’m pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama.” Wooooah! Calm down Paul, don’t go cold turkey on us!

Krugman is mad that Obama is not moving fast enough on his liberal agenda, but whatever the reason, we’re trying to save lives here. CBS asked the question on its Evening News Wednesday night, “Does Obama lack a political identity?” What? Could they have not asked that question during the campaign? Guess not, but we are trying to get them off the junk with baby steps. Baby steps.

This rehab for the media, if it ever happens, will be long and hard. Rehab is always hard, and most will never make it through. Keith Olbermann is Keith Olbermann. He mainlines hopeium during commercial breaks. Matthews puts it up his leg. I’m guessing the nightly news anchors each have a hopeium flask at the news desk. Ed Schultz said he was sick to his stomach after Brown’s victory. It’s not pretty watching people start coming down from a two year “high.” But, it’s important to note, the media has become the dealer of this smack and that is not likely to stop any time soon.
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Is your state government bankrupt?

Citizens offered a view to the facts
California and states in the Northeast and Midwest are piling up debt, and the economic outlook for many of these states is weak. Roll over the map to see how your state stacks up.
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Axelrod's Astroturf Presidency implodes

MM asks: Who is Ellie Light?

I predict you’ll start seeing the question as a popular bumper sticker soon (a la “Who is John Galt?” … and voila, someone has already made a t-shirt!).

It’s a handy rhetorical rejoinder the next the White House or your nutroots neighbors and co-workers try to tar the Tea Party or any other grass-roots revolts against President Obama as phony, top-down operations.

When Obama’s Soros-funded, Big Labor-directed, K Street-organized goons engage in classic projection and you need a glib way to call out the pot calling the kettle black, just snap back:

Who is Ellie Light?

A Cleveland Plain Dealer blog first broke the story over the weekend of a “suspicious” letter-writer named “Ellie Light” who submitted more than a dozen pro-Obama letters to the editors in recent weeks using address from Philadelphia to California and all points in between. Open-source-optimizing blogger Patterico has added much more information on both “Donald Trump Astroturfing” (”a letter published in multiple places from one person claiming to live in multiple cities”) and “David Axelrod Astroturfing” (”identical letters published in multiple places claiming to be from different people”).

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