Fundamental Transformation Will Not Be Televised

Zo takes on extremist Prog subversives


Damage mounts from Progressive fiasco

U.S. rejects 'fundamental transformation'

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Gov't union bigs gain power

Bucking private sector trend changes the face of Big Labor
More union members now work for the government than for private employers, partly because of layoffs caused by the recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says union membership in the private sector plummeted by 10 percent last year.

Overall union membership declined by 771,000 workers last year to 15.3 million. The membership rate fell to 12.3 percent of all workers in 2009 from 12.4 percent the previous year.

The drop was offset slightly by a gain of 64,000 members in local, state and federal government. Those workers now make up 51.5 percent of all union members.

(from dailycaller.com)

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SEIU-Obama leadership failure exposed

Prez abides by arrogant union operatives, pimps Class War


Union campaign tactics failed Coakley

Labor-state Teamsters lacked mojo


How gov't unions plundered California

Typical labor-state rent-seeking gone wild


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Progressives circle the firing squad

Jon Stewart smacks down Olby

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