Rahmbo sends Obama into War Zone today

President resists assuming the lame-duck position


Wounded Obama pulls out all the stops

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Nation suffers from Big Speech fatigue

CNN's Obama Mash-Up Exposes Oz


Workers misled by corrupt SEIU thugs

SEIU rank-and-file stiff Stern-Burger pick


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Labor-state Rejecting Obamunism

How many Bay State Dems will vote for Joe Kennedy?


Chicago: Racialism Source Revealed

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky


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Obama sets visit to Men's Wearhouse

Emperor's failed policies dog U.S.
If we had a Winston Churchill in the White House, America would still be in mortal danger and we would have a long, tough fight for survival ahead. We face a threat of Islamic terrorism as dangerous as any of the many threats of our history including that of Nazi Germany, Soviet Communism, Italian Fascism, and Japanese Imperialism. We face economic problems and international competition that call into question our ability to maintain the productive economy necessary to support the military machine needed for survival. We have a failed educational system that will not provide the scientific innovation and educated personnel and other advances necessary to maintain economic viability in the 21st Century. We have a biased, dishonest, and fraudulent mainstream media that misleads and deceives rather than informing and educating the public on the issues of our times.

But we don’t have this best-case scenario in the White House — we have the worst-case scenario. Yes, it’s about time America wakes up to the fact that we have a radical, leftist, socialist politician who still carries the trademark of the corrupt Cook County Chicago political machine from which he came and who has populated the White House with wild radicals and thugs willing to use intimidation and anything else if needed to achieve their goals. The Chicago machine adopts the Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals that says the end justifies the mean, i.e., anything goes. On top of that our president is incompetent. At this time of the greatest danger to America, we have another even greater danger: a president not up to the job and not fit for the job.

Someone has to ask the president, “Have you no decency? Have you no character? Have you no honesty? Do your words and your promises mean nothing? Are you willing to justify any means to achieve your ends?” Yes, we are well past the tipping point, and it is time for the obvious conclusion, “The emperor has no clothes.” If we don’t recognize Mr. Obama for what he is by now, we must be clueless and hopeless.
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