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Obama Jumps the Shark


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Terrorist fundamentally transforms U.S.

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Obama-Condé Nast bailout reported

The Chicago Way goes Enron: GovMo used for propaganda Pay-to-Play

While GM has bought space in Wired in the past, I don't recall it ever being so much. I could be wrong, but the ad buy is raising some eyebrows. At The Union News web site, for example, folks are asking this:

"Wired has had declining circulation for a while, and while GM would like to rid Buick of the stigma of being a car for old people, Wired’s readers don’t seem to be GM’s target market either. Certainly none of the other major automakers have had expensive inserts in Wired."

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Condé Nast, which has had to close several of its front line magazines and lay off a bunch of people in recent months, is owned by Newhouse, a traditional media publishing chain that tends to lean toward liberal Democrats such as President Obama. So the suggestion is that somebody in the administration is leaning on GM to direct ad dollars to Wired, as a favor to a political ally in the media.

Frankly, I am a bit skeptical that this explains the GM buy in Wired, but then The Union News post notes the concerns raised earlier this year by Robert Farago, our old friend at The Truth About Cars:

"We know from the automotive bankruptcies that the administration, in fact, does have some concerns about how TARP recipients spend money on advertising. Robert Farago, founder and former editor of The Truth About Cars, predicted that GM’s financial situation was untenable and that the automaker would eventually be forced into bankruptcy.

"Though a fierce gadfly of GM, Farago has criticized the Presidential Task Force on Automobiles for 'micro managing' GM’s ad budget. So it’s certainly possible that GM may be getting some level of direction about their ad buys from the Obama administration."

(from examiner.com)

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Greedy AFL-CIO thug threatens Dems

New Prog Era: Big Labor fat-cats call the shots

Don’t mess with Richard Trumka.

The new AFL-CIO president delivered that message to the head of the National Press Club at lunch today before traveling over to the White House to tell President Obama where he could stick a proposal to tax high-cost health insurance plans.

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Trumka, who started his union career organizing coal miners, gave a fiery address at the press club, railing against “a generation of destructive, greed-driven economic policies” and bemoaning “weak and recalcitrant politicians.”

But just as he started to reach a crescendo, the press club’s president, USA Today reporter Donna Leinwand, interrupted him and announced it was time for the Q&A part of the program.

“I’m not done yet,” Trumka said, and went on to finish his speech, forcing Leinwand to back off.

(from portfolio.com)

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SEIU pollutes Bay State politics

Greedy, corrupt union in typical union Pay-to-Play scheme

The SEIU, the union of most government workers, is one of the biggest and most powerful unions in America, and also one of the most corrupt. Type "SEIU corruption" into a search engine to get more examples than you can count.

Yet it comes with little notice that they're spending over $200K in radio ads to get Martha Coakley elected senator. It's difficult to see how this is any different than an outright bribe since it's plainly obvious that she will, at every turn, try to increase the number of government workers on the public payroll, thus making the SEIU even more powerful ... and probably more corrupt.

I would hope that even the most ardent liberal would be concerned about this since money spent on these workers, their benefits and pensions is that much less that can be spent on education, renewable energy, research, infrastructure, our elderly, etc. Now we find out that since the race is close she is getting huge money from insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies; think about why they would give her so much money. Why are they so concerned about getting her elected?

Coakley has raised a lot of money from a lot of groups that she will be beholden to and on Jan. 19 we'll have a chance to decide if that is what we want for our next senator.

Lenny Mirra, West Newbury, MA

(from newburyportnews.com)

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Murchison: It's time for Term Limits

Corrupt seniority system enables union-backed Kleptocracy

The term limits movement of almost two decades ago latched onto a fundamental truth about human nature and politics, to wit, when people stay too long in power, they tend to get rusty, bored and corrupt. They see themselves as politically immortal, when their own feet are just as clay-caked as anyone else's. At this point, what would refresh them better than rest -- a change of scenery and vocation.

Cincinnatus, back in the fifth century B.C., had it about right when twice he accepted an invitation to become dictator during local emergencies, then, when everything was under control, resigned -- went back to the plow he had earlier left. It was a precedent that George Washington followed, consciously perhaps, when he returned to Mount Vernon upon helping the new republic launch itself.

Renunciation is the virtue that slashes like a kitchen knife when seized. Members of Congress, immersed in their privileges and perquisites, aren't the renouncing kind. Aides, lobbyists, reporters, sycophants of one sort or another give Sen. A or Congressman B the most subversive gift possible -- the big head. Yes, sir (it goes), he's the man, she's the woman, gotta stay in there, can't quit now, no, can't quit ever, where's that phone, got to make some fundraising calls.

A term limits law, or constitutional amendment, wouldn't save the country from egoism, stupidity and the lust for eternal power (cf. California). It might at that mitigate the severest consequences of eternal staying on, in the manner of West Virginia's 92-year-old Robert Byrd or, for that matter, Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts' permanent senator until the divine quorum call reached him after 47 years.

As the old saying goes, there oughta be a law. Really.

(from William Murchison @ patriotpost.us)

Teamsters losing battle v. corruption

Nation in throes of 'Chicago' epidemic
Chicago Teamster bosses ousted reformers Richard Berg and Gina Alvarez from union office today in a power struggle between grassroots reformers and old guard Teamster officials over one of the largest Teamster local unions in Chicago and the country.

Joint Council 25 officials suspended Richard Berg from union membership and removed him as president of Teamsters Local 743 on false charges that he violated Teamster procedures. Alvarez was also suspended from membership and removed as secretary-treasurer.

The 11,000 members of Local 743 voted Berg and his New Leadership Slate into office in 2007 on a reform platform. His election was bitterly opposed - for years - by Chicago’s top Teamster officials, who used every means at their disposal to prevent a reform victory in Local 743.

Berg opponents were convicted of stealing a union vote to block his election. One of the vote-riggers is also serving jail time for using Local 743 as a front for drug trafficking. When Berg was nominated in June 2006 for International Vice President on the reform slate, while Chicago's top Teamster official John Coli ran on the old guard slate, Berg was assaulted at the Teamster Convention by former Local 743 president Richard Lopez. Joint Council 25 and International Union officials upheld the Local 743 election results that were stolen and overturned - but today voted to suspend Berg and Alvarez’s union membership - a move that could disqualify them from running for re-election in Local 743.

Local 743 members plan to fight Berg and Alvarez’s removal in federal court, where they were able to win a supervised election.

“They couldn’t steal our election and they couldn’t defeat us at the polls, so they used trumped up charges to oust Richard and Gina and hijack Local 743,” said Joe Sexauer, Local 743 union representative who helped organize Berg’s successful election. “But the union is about more than any one leader - it’s about the members. We’ve defeated corrupt officials before, and we’ll do it again.”

(from fightbacknews.org)

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Union-backed Dem violates probation

Disgraced hit-and-run perp blamed toothpaste, awaits wrist-slap


Erroll Southers Exposed!

Would you hire Obama's TSA nominee to watch your car?


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