Republicans have a lot to learn

Can GOP adapt to The New Rules?

Did the GOP learn nothing from the Tea Party people? Just show up. None of the Democrats will want you there and they may even be very rude to you, but you belong there on behalf of those of us whom you represent.

Go in and sit down, and if the Democrats don't want you there, let them bodily carry you out. A picture is worth 1,000 words. If photos surface of Republicans being physically dragged or carried out of a meeting that should be open to both parties, it willpowerfully demonstrate to your constituents howstrongly you feel about representing them and their best interests. Make noise, cause a disruption, if you are not included in the proceedings, then prevent them from happening.

Does C-SPAN really have to be there? No. I am sure that there are a few tech-savvy Republicans floating around who could do justice to the event with a video camera or even a cell phone. Stop depending on the big networks to tell theRepublican story - get the message out yourselves.

Every statement from the opposing party should be analyzed and rebutted, twittered and facebooked and gabbed about on talk radio until no one can ignore it. Do whatever you have to do to compel Democrats to realize that our government is a two-party system, and that all of us deserve to be heard and heeded.

I also suggest that every Republican on the hill get a copy of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" and study it thoroughly - because that is the guidebook of the current Democratic majority (this idea of a meeting where the majority is not invited is explained in Chapter 3, as is the whole Christmas Eve secret vote), and it will let everyone know what to expect in the way of dirty tricks. We all have a constitutional right to freedom of assembly and speech - use it.

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Lamestream Agonistes

Meet BigJournalism.com

Andrew Breitbart has already welcomed you all to Big Journalism. Now I’d like to add my voice to his.

As you can see from our logo, Big Journalism will be a throwback in spirit to the freewheeling moxie of the glory days of American newspapers, long before a “school of journalism” was a gleam in some college provost’s eye, and before reporters got hired more for their telegenic qualities than their writing, reporting or critical-thinking skills.

So let me be blunt: we’re not here to compete for Pulitzer Prizes, to sit on committees, to scratch each other’s backs on the weekend television wagfests or to conform to some arbitrary code of ethics cooked up in the days when the mainstream media was the only game in town, and had already begun to cozy up to the government and the establishment, thus abandoning its constitutional mission of keeping a finger on the pulse of America, and an eye on the crooks.

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An Open Letter to Democratics

Rising tide of fear and mistrust plagues Dems

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Labor Shorts

A weekly-ish advisory from: LaborUnionReport.com and its sister blog.
BREAKING: Obamunist Becker to be Re-Nominated…

President Obama's radical union nominee to the National Labor Relations Board, Craig Becker (who is Assistant General Counsel to both the AFL-CIO and the SEIU) had his nomination rejected by the Senate only a week ago. However, liberal blogs Huffington Post and FireDogLake are reporting that the President is frustrated with a lack of progress on his nominations and may be renominating Becker again. According to FireDogLake:
Now, in all likelihood, McCain will again slap a hold on Becker; the White House will then have a couple options. It can negotiate with McCain for something else he wants; the HELP committee can hold a full hearing on Becker like McCain wants; Harry Reid can force a vote and get 60 senators to vote for Becker, which will end up being a proxy fight over the Employee Free Choice Act; or McCain’s icy heart will melt and allow Becker to go through.

In either case, as Becker’s nomination goes, so do the other 2 NLRB nominees, who must be voted on in a package with Becker. Meanwhile, the 2-member NLRB will continue to make uncontroversial rulings on pending cases that may yet be ruled invalid by the Supreme Court.
Read more from HuffPo here.

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Fugheddaboutit! They Don't Call it the Garbage State For Nuttin!: Reputed Mobster Pleads Guilty To Racketeering Charge. "A high-ranking soldier in the Gambino Crime Family pleaded guilty yesterday to a federal charge of racketeering conspiracy for his role in running an enterprise that engaged in illegal gambling, extortion, fraud schemes and labor racketeering…"

BFF? A San Francisco slammer and some new friends awaited Uber-Union Boss Richie Trumka yesterday as the newly-anointed AFL-CIO kingpin, along with dozens of others, got arrested during an illegal sit-in in the lobby of the San Francisco Hilton.

Union of Ailing WorkplacesA New York Times expose on one formerly-militant, now newly humbled, UAW local should remove all doubt as to what helped drive Government Motors (…er, GM…) into bankruptcy. [Here's a hint: Some people would call it 'sabotage.']

Click here or on Andy Stern's image to enlarge!

Is He or Isn't He?...Why not ask Andy? Nearly two months after a request to the U.S. Attoney to investigate whether SEIU's lavender-lapeled lord of labor Andy Stern is illegally lobbying, CNN finally did a partial puff piece on the months-old story…and asked Andy Stern if he is a lobbyist. [See more here.]

Union Bullsh*t Watch is Back! Glass-Housed Teamsters Ticked Over "Anti-Union" Flyers. As the adage goes: He who lives in a glass house should not throw rocks.

Carpenters Build Glass Houses Too? With Apparently No Union to Save Them, Chicago's Carpenters' Union Lays Off Dozens of Organizers...but buys over $730,000 in cars.

Rated 'M' (for Mature Audiences only): The Teamsters, the Tart & a Pocketful of Meth featuring one of the best quotes ever [upon appearing before a judge on drug charges]: "…before the accident, I was a heroin addict and used crack, but I don't do drugs any more. I'm a Teamster."

Shameful: SEIU's Top 10 Bloopers Compiled by Stern Burger With Fries, one of the growing list of SEIU-critical blogs (this one apparently written by disaffected SEIU members) that is increasingly condemning of the Union of Purple People Eaters and its Lord of Labor, Andy Stern, his Queen, Anna Burger, and their collectivist minions.

Dis-United Labor Union Boss Crows Over SEIU-Muddied Merger. UNITE-HERE's John Wilhelm is crowing over what he says is evidence that his rivals are falling apart and being absorbed into SEIU: "A war that they chose to start has become a war that they cannot win, although it is not yet ended."

Readers, as always, these are but a few of the hundreds of stories we've posted on LUR's Linkedin Group in the last couple of weeks.

Ringing in the New Fear

This is between voters and Democratics.


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Sculptor's installation ridicules ClimateGate denier AlGore


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