Labor-state dissidents get up in Dems face

Police may allow exception to free speech ban
Plans to protest Sunday at the homes of New Hampshire's three Democratic members of Congress caught the attention of the Capitol Police in Washington but local police say they're not expecting any trouble.

The N.H. Tea Party Coalition, which consists of about 30 activist groups, is planning "simultaneous protests" at the Madbury home of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, the Rochester home of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, and the Concord home of Rep. Paul Hodes, all in an effort to "send a direct message," according to an e-mail signed by a Milford organizer.

"We are hoping to send a direct message to our Congressional members who have been voting along the Democrat party-line of big-spending, increased Federal control and frittering away American Liberties, before they go back to Washington and do more damage," Tom Flaherty, a member of the Manchester/Nashua 912 group, wrote in an e-mail Friday drumming up support. "This is our last chance to make it personal. They are clearly not listening to our letter, e-mails, and phone calls."

Spokespeople for Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Hodes declined to comment on the protests.

Rochester police Capt. Scott Dumas said he was made aware of the protest, set for Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., after hearing Monday from the Capitol Police, which is charged with protecting members of Congress.
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SEIU gets whatever Andy Stern wants

D.C. obeys Obama's favorite social-justice fraud group

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We started the year on a high note: The Inauguration of President Barack Obama, for whom we worked day and night to elect. As December 2009 came to a close, the year ended on a high note for our union as well--actually, several high notes:

  • Cintas pays $6 million in the largest-ever settlement of a living wage ordinance violation.
  • The Pittsburgh City Council unanimously passes a prevailing wage law for thousands of city service workers. And of course,
  • the U.S. Senate passes meaningful healthcare reform.

As we usher in 2010, we took a closer look back at the legislation, people, stories and campaigns that made an impact on our members and all working people in 2009.

Check out our timeline of the year's highlights for working families and SEIU members:

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CNN shout-out to SEIU boss Andy Stern

Obama WH haunted by corrupt, violent SEIU union thug


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Exit Aisle Chosen for Rahmbo

D.C. cools to The Chicago Way, GateCrasherGate

The Washington Post's Sally Quinn--a columnist who is the voice of the Washington establishment--on Tuesday wandered into the Chicago precincts of the Obama White House.

She's floating White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for Chicago mayor--and predicting he will stay on the job for only 18 months.

A White House aide said in response to Quinn, "we are saying the same thing we've been saying about this since this rumor started more than a year ago: "Rahm is 100% focused on the job at hand - serving President Obama as his Chief of Staff."

Quinn's Emanuel nugget is buried in a column where she called for White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers--and Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan-- to step down in the wake of three people crashing the Nov. 24 Obama White House state dinner for the Prime Minister of India. Rogers is a close friend of the Obamas and White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Quinn's column was triggered by the Secret Service announcement on Tuesday that Tareq and Michaele Salahi were not the only crashers at the party; on Monday came the news of a third crasher.

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Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com

Obama NewsBusted Again

Error-prone President presents a large target for humorists


Out-of-state union $$ color Oregon ballots

Staying #1 in the nation in social-justice fraud
Voter Pamphlets for Oregon’s Jan. 26 special election were mailed last week, as both sides of the tax debate prepare for the final stretch of the campaign.

Measures 66 and 67 resulted from $733 million in tax increases passed by the Legislature last year to fill growing budget gaps. Immediately after the session adjourned, business groups throughout the state worked with Conservative-leaning organizations to gather enough signatures to refer the hikes to voters.

If passed, Measure 66 would raise the tax on incomes at or above $250,000 for households and $125,000 for individuals. It also would eliminate income taxes on the first $2,400 of unemployment benefits received in 2009 and raise an estimated $472 million in revenues for the state during its first year.

According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Website, Vote Yes for Oregon netted $3.4 million in contributions as of Dec. 29. It posted $2.2 million in expenditures, with a $1.2 million cash balance remaining.

During December, Vote Yes for Oregon received two contributions from the Oregon Education Association (OEA) totaling $800,000. The national America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) contributed $500,000. Oregon AFSCME Council 75 made two contributions totaling $250,000, an amount matched by Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

SEIU Local 503 kicked in an additional $210,000, and the Oregon American Federation of Teachers Political and Legislative Action Network Political Action Committee (PAC) contributed $200,000.

During November, SEIU Local 503 contributed $200,000 and Oregon AFSCME Council 75 put in $250,000. The OEA contributed $300,000 that month.

In September, SEIU Local 503 gave $75,000 to Vote Yes for Oregon.

OAJKT showed $3.2 million in contributions as of Dec. 29, with expenditures near the same amount and an ending cash balance of around $48,000.
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Ending U.S. air travel as we know it

Fundamental transformation of U.S. a work-in-progress

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Where in Nebraska is The Joker?

Cornhusker Compromise gets a worker-choice 'Shout Out'

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