Obama TSA unionists to check you out

SEIU thugs set to regulate U.S. air travel

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Obama hearts Purple People Beaters

Meet the President's favorite union goons

The Service Employees International Union takes the top prize as President Obama’s favorite labor union. President Andy Stern and Secretary-Treasurer Anna Burger have visited the White House nearly 60 times, including 11 meetings with Obama and another with Vice President Biden.

The White House yesterday released more than 25,000 visitor records from Sept. 16-30. Included in the release were nearly 2,000 pre-Sept. 16 records based on specific requests. The records are publicly available on WhiteHouse.gov.

SEIU’s Stern and Burger visited the White House three times in September; a fourth meeting was canceled. Their 58 total visits (27 by Stern and 31 by Burger) dating to the start of the Obama administration far outpace their fellow union leaders.

Earlier this month Americans for Tax Reform and the Alliance for Worker Freedom requested a lobbying investigation into the SEIU given its close ties to the White House.
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Constitutionalists' 2010 Wish-List Revealed

President Barack H. Obama judged by the company he keeps

Hope springs eternal, sometimes far outstripping probability. In that light, here are some things I hope to see in 2010:

• Republican leaders finally actually win a legislative battle important to conservatives, rather than merely finding ways to put up a supposedly noble but failed fight.

Eric Holder resigns amidst disgrace and scandal. (Eric Holder is a disgrace and a scandal.)

• Members of the New Black Panther Party are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws, both civil and criminal, for voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

• Obamacare is defeated in an open vote in Congress. (See item one above.)

Valerie Jarrett is finally taken to account for her sleazy background.

• Emanuel brothers Rahm and Ezekiel are both forced to leave the administration in disgrace. (Chicago politics and eugenics both deserve to take a fall.)

• Labor bosses lose all their major battles (while workers actually benefit).

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Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com

Exposed: Obama's 2010 Wish-List

Top Priority: Fundamental transformation of U.S.

President Obama's New Year's resolutions:

I will get my policies through Congress, regardless of how the American people feel about them.

The next time that I speak at West Point, I will try to keep the cadets awake.

I will learn how to make a coherent speech without using a teleprompter.

I will convince the Olympic Committee to choose Chicago instead of Bangladesh for the 2020 games.

I will continue to circle the globe to apologize for America's past mistakes.

I will try not to bow too low when meeting foreign leaders.

Even if the interrogaters torture me, I will never disclose what I heard in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church.

I will bring home the troops from Afghanistan before they arrive there.

I will continue to blame President Bush for all my failures.

I will convince the American people that I, not Muhammad Ali, is the greatest.

I will repeal term limits, so that I can be your president forever.

I will force Nancy Pelosi to convince Congress to reserve a spot for me on Mount Rushmore.

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Obama Cult Video-of-the-Year 2009

Typical Orwellian school indoctrination, propaganda

And thus was the Alinsky-inspired, social justice-tested chant “Mmmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama” immortalized:

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Cone of Shame Awards, 2009

MM takes on evil, political corruption

Single-payer LegalCare proposed

A logical follow-on to HealthCare reform
I have discovered an unfair disparity in access to a vital resource based on the economic condition of the consumer. This disparity is not just egregious, but it threatens the very core of our American way of life. People routinely get denied adequate and competent service on the basis of their ability to pay, even though they have a right to it, while the rich eat up all the resources with their ability to access the best and brightest in the field. And in the interest of fairness, the federal government needs to find a solution and impose it on the industry as a whole.

I refer, of course, to legal representation.

Oh, sure, in an emergency, the government will foot the bill for a public defender to represent the poor and indigent, but that’s hardly a comfort to those who needed a lawyer before getting into the emergency condition in the first place. Besides, while we have many dedicated public defenders, it’s hardly a news flash that the wealthy can afford much better representation and have a much better chance of prevailing in court in criminal cases. When the poor, working class, and middle class end up in that emergency situation, they can lose their homes and property to pay for decent legal care — and that shouldn’t happen in America, should it?

After all, unlike health care, Americans actually do have a Constitutional right to legal representation in court. Some will scoff and say the lack of a lawyer, or a bad lawyer, can’t cause your death. Those critics may want to talk with the inmates who got freed from Death Row and lifetime prison sentences after having mediocre attorneys lose cases when the defendant was really innocent. Bad or nonexistent legal representation can take years off of your life, and can definitely get you killed.

Even beyond that, though, the wealthy and connected have access to a much wider range of legal services than even the middle class can afford. Estate planning, trust funds, tax shelters — all of these can be expertly provided to those with the resources to afford them, while other Americans get second-class status in our legal system. For those who aspire to egalitarianism of result, this arrangement should be such an affront that it demands real action — now.

I propose that the government impose a single-payer system on the legal profession. Instead of charging private fees, all attorneys would have to send their bills to LegalCare, a new agency in the federal government. Because the government can bargain collectively, they can impose rational fees for legal services instead of the exorbitant billing fees attorneys now charge. Three hundred dollars an hour? Thing of the past. Everyone knows that the government can control costs through price-setting; now we can see this process applied to the legal system, where the government has a large interest in seeing cost savings.

(from hotair.com)
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