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Collectivist truth-benders never get enough
On Nov. 19 Fillichio attended the annual meeting of the International Labor Communications Association and in his address to the room he laid out a few “revolutionary” plans and policy ideas one of which was to create a new media agency that would act as a sort of ministry of Big Labor information all run out of the Secretary of Labor’s office in Washington D.C.

The advisor to the Secretary of Labor told the audience that one of the things that vexed his department is that it was so hard to get their “news” reported by the media. “We battle every single day when we try to put something out,” Fillichio told the audience.

Fillichio reported to the conference that he’d hired a person for his office solely to deal with labor media propaganda efforts. He also gave out the person’s email address and phone number so the union members in attendance at the meeting could have easy access to this government sponsored media director.

“We cannot depend on those other people – the traditional media – to get that message out,” Fillichio said.

Imagine what is being said here. A person of high position in the Department of Labor is proposing that he be the one to “report” labor news. He is proposing that the government itself become a media agency in an effort to get around “the traditional media.”

Every totalitarian government has such government-controlled agencies, of course. Who can forget the U.S.S.R.’s famed Pravda and Izvestia news agencies?

Of course, there was an old Soviet joke about those two largest Soviet “news” agencies. It goes like this: “there’s no pravda in Izvestia and no izvestia in Pravda.” You see, in Russian the word pravda can be defined as “truth” and izvestia translated as “news.” Hence there was no truth or news in the Soviet’s daily newspapers. This is essentially what we’d get with the Obama administration’s idea of a new ministry of labor information sponsored by none other than Obama and his hand-picked, big labor-friendly, minions.
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