Obamunists fraud-up 2010 elections

Unexpectedly, ACORN-style corruption still in fashion


Cheating by leftwing thugs neither mended nor ended
As I wrote previously, ACORN is not dead.

It’s astroturfing for all it’s worth.

ACORN‘s Project Vote subsidiary is working with a “rebranded” Pennsylvania ACORN chapter to push Pennsylvania Democrats to vote in the upcoming congressional elections.

Leading Project Vote’s effort is ACORN executive Amy Busefink who is under indictment in Nevada for conspiracy to commit voter registration fraud.

The “new” group is called Pennsylvania Neighborhoods for Social Justice (PNSJ). PNSJ, a 501c3 nonprofit educational group, is operating out of ACORN’s offices at 846 North Broad Street in Philadelphia.

Longtime ACORN national board member and Philadelphia ACORN president Carol Hemingway is on the board of PNSJ and its sister nonprofit, Pennsylvania Communities Organizing for Change (PCOC). Both nonprofits filed their incorporation documents with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on Jan. 8, 2010.
(full story by Matthew Vadum @ newsrealblog.com)

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