Obama Indictment Unsealed!

Late summer reading: Crimes Against Liberty
David Limbaugh has a solid track record of writing comprehensive, damning indictments. He’s gone after Janet Reno’s Justice Department. He’s exposed domestic crimes against religious freedom.

Now, he has written Crimes against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama. The full brief is still, of course, a work in progress, but Limbaugh’s timely, hot-off-the-deadline book comes just in time for the final stretch to the November elections — just in time to limit the damage. He talks to National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about what has been done and what can still be done.

LOPEZ: You were calling him a threat to liberty before he was elected, never mind inaugurated. What accounts for his “popularity freefall” now? Did people have to see him in action to believe it?

LIMBAUGH: A couple of things account for his plummeting popularity. First, Obama’s agenda has been far more extreme than naïve well-wishers assumed it would be. Second, his policies have already had disastrous results, which he can no longer credibly pawn off on his predecessor. And third, he has flagrantly thwarted the will of the people in foisting his policies upon us through abuses of power, legislative trickery, unseemly, unethical deals, and worse. He has acted decidedly un-presidential in slandering and bullying his opponents, has repeatedly played the race card, and has misrepresented his signature legislation for all to see. Even some of the conservatives who decided to hitch their wagon to him admitted at the outset they simply hoped he wouldn’t govern according to his leftist ideology. What gave them this hope is beyond rational comprehension, but surely most of them have now seen the light. In fact, it’s remarkable that Obama has any significant support at all. I daresay that most of his remaining supporters are probably among those not “contributing” income taxes to our general revenues.
(from nationalreview.com)

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