Alinsky ghost cited in Obama WH

Community organizing 'user manual' for Obamerica exposed
The first question that most readers will have when they start reading this excellent book is, “How Long Will Obama Wait to Sic The Justice Department on Laura Ingraham?” It’s kind of amazing it hasn’t already happened since the book has been out for a few days.

The 377-page book itself is composed of a short Introduction, “Dramatis Personse” and ten chapters plus acknowledgements and a very detailed Index. The individual chapters are topics with several diary entries and discussion in each one. Those topics include “Razzle-Dazzling Us to Death,” “Will the Real Messiah Please Stand Up,” “The Audacity of Narcissism” and “Demonizing the Enemy.”

That particular chapter starts out with one of Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals and contains numerous quotes from Alinsky’s Manual for Causing Social Disorder and Bringing Down the Government including this one: “Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away…my aim here is to suggest how to organize for power: how to get it and how to use it.”

Ingraham’s point is that Obama follows Alinsky’s advice to the letter. Obama’s agenda is like the Ghost of Alinsky returning to wreak havoc on America. In both the President’s and the First Lady’s diary, Alinsky is often referred to as “Papa Alinsky.”
(from basilandspice.com)

Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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