Meet your DSA

Union-dense Lamestreams guilty of collectivist cover-up

Democratic Socialists of America, is despite its deceptive name is the U.S.’s largest and probably most influential Marxist based organization.

Many of its several thousand members operate through the Democratic Party, New York’s influential Working Families Party and the organization also counts thousands of labor unionists, religious activists, journalists and college professors in its ranks.

D.S.A. helped establish and continues to support the more than 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus and is particularly close to “single payer” healthcare champions Rep. John Conyers of Michigan and Caucus founder Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Dr. Quentin Young of Chicago is the father of the “single payer” healthcare lobby in the U.S. he is also a former Young Communist League member, a long time D.S.A. activist and a one time personal physician and long time friend and mentor to Barack Obama.

President Obama, himself has a more than 25 year history of involvement with D.S.A. members.

(from keywiki.org)

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