Obamas a cheap weekend date?

B&M fiddled in Appalachia while Deepwater Horizon burned
President Barack Obama's visit here over a three-day weekend cost the city of Asheville, N.C. $56,264 and the Buncombe County Sheriff's Office about $7,400.

The city's expenses mostly came from overtime, Asheville spokeswoman Dawa Hitch said. “I would like to note that the number does not reflect time worked by salaried staff since there is no overtime compensation for those individuals,” Hitch said.

Determining the total price for Barack and Michelle Obama's trip in late April is difficult. The federal government, particularly the Secret Service, will not divulge expenses related to manpower, transporting the motorcade, cost of the motorcade or details such as how many hotel rooms it paid for.

In terms of public expenses that are discernible — mostly local public safety costs and operating expenses of presidential planes — the trip cost at least $92,480.
(from citizen-times.com)

Deepwater Horizon

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