Trouble in collective bargaining paradise

AFL-CIO: Andy Stern's SEIU is 'despicable'
Got this report of a speech by John Wilhelm to the AFL-CIO Executive Council, from a reader at UNITE HERE.

Tasty thinks it speaks for itself on issues of Stern, NUHW, the failure of EFCA and why it is crazy that Andy Stern is on Obama's Debt Commission on behalf of organized labor.

Two weeks ago UNITE HERE President John Wilhelm gave a speech to the AFL-CIO Executive Council about SEIU’s divisive role in the labor movement. AFL-CIO President Emeritus John Sweeney asked President Trumka to be recognized as a point of personal privilege. To a hushed room, President Sweeney said he agreed with President Wilhelm’s comments and called the behavior of Stern’s SEIU “despicable.”

This came after President Sweeney recounted his 50 years paying dues to SEIU, his pride in rising through the ranks of SEIU to become its President, and the fact that he originally hired Andy Stern.
(from sternburgerwithfries.blogspot.com)

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