New Prog Obamanomics defined

Spend money we don't have on things we don't need

The far left that now leads this country, ran an incredible 223 billion dollar deficit this February. Currently, the Treasury site doesn’t display the February numbers, but the CBO has the rundown of the monthly figures here.

So here are the numbers for February:

Receipts were actually up, which at first glance might look like a good thing, but the CBO actually suggests otherwise and we will get back to that in a moment. Outlays, compared to last year were up $46 billion. Unfortunately, revenues were only up $16 billion and the deficit itself was $29 greater than last year.

Now, back to that revenue increase we saw in February. The CBO explains much of it away, as a one time gain:

(from thevirtuousrepublic.com)

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