Health Check: Obama unfit to govern

Bad habits are hard to break
In a revealing piece post-State of the Union, Edward Luce, writing in the Financial Times, London, referred to "a fearsome foursome", the team seem most often in the Oval Office and constituting Obama’s ‘inner circle’ during this past year. "Just over a year into his tenure, America’s 44th president governs a bitterly divided nation, a world increasingly hard to manage and an America that seems more disillusioned than ever with Washington’s ways," said Luce. "What went wrong?"

By way of answer, he noted that pundits, Democratic lawmakers and opinion pollsters offered a smorgasbord of reasons, all of which could have contributed to the quandary Obama finds himself in. "But those around him have a more specific diagnosis – and one that is striking in its uniformity. The Obama White House is geared for campaigning rather than governing, they say."

In dozens of interviews Luce had with Obama’s closest allies and friends in Washington – most given unattributably to protect their access to the Oval Office – each had observed that the President drew on the advice of a very tight circle. "The inner core consists of just four people – Rahm Emanuel, the pugnacious chief of staff; David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, his senior advisers; and Robert Gibbs, his communications chief."
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