Ad stokes anti-ObamaCare rage



Anonymous said...

I want to know if you are real. Women need Health Care. These fear mongering talks are evil. We need Health Care. All of the people and groups sending these lies to the people of this country should be prosecuted!!!

Bo Statham said...

Shame on you! You totally distort the NIH recommendation, which specifically says that women should discuss with their physician as to when to start mammograms. The recommendation does not in any way control individual decisions, and it has no connection to health care reform legislation. You should know this, and I'm sure you do. SHAME ON YOU!

Anonymous said...

She doesn't mention ho9w many Americans die each year because they have no health coverage at all! My cousin in Florida had Cancer and ended up dying after he no longer could afford to pay for the treatments (after selling everything he had to get some treatment). If he had stayed in Ontario he would have had universal health care - may not be the best money can by - but it is treatment. American health care is based on one premise - Rich People Live (they can go to private clinics) and Poor People Die. Think of that as you question Obama's health care plan - who do you think are paying for the anti-health coverage ads - the multi-million dollar drug companies and private health care providers! Good luck on the vote - hopefully it will go through and this will be another historic moment in American History!!

Anonymous said...

US National Health Care (Obamacare)IS a FANTASTIC IDEA!!! The US Government knows best how to take care of its sheep, who are ALL sheared to pay for their government controlled care.
Free health care simply means the sick get a number on a waiting list, but the sick MUST live long enough to make it to the top of the list. If not alive when your number is reached, you get dead, but you do help speed the line for those behind you. Research why folks worldwide, including Canada Maritime Prime Minister had heart surgery in Florida in Jan. 2010, among a long, long list of other seriously sick folks. Check current viability status of National Health Care in Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and more. THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES, unless ALL doctors, nurses, and ALL other Health Care Workers, facility construction workers as well as equipment mfg. workers, etc, and any other contributors to health care (except the sick) ALL WORK FOR FREE. Perhaps professors will teach ALL student medical people for free? NOT LIKELY!!! However, if YOU are willing to WORK FOR FREE!!, perhaps you can start a movement for "concerned for the sick" idealistic folks who WILL work for free. Surely, these free workers will be fed, housed and clothed with volunteer FREE contributions, perhaps from the UN who currently care for acknowledged third world poor.

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