We must break the backs of the SEIU

Greece lights the way for U.S. reformers
These pictures were taken earlier today in Greece. They are emblematic of much of Europe as weighty public-sector union obligations crush the enfeebled private sector.

The toxins administered by public-sector unions are now -- at this very moment -- poisoning Europe. The continent is experiencing the spasmodic social and political convulsions that presage a true depression.

In Greece, the combination of rampant private unemployment with nearly a third of all workers employed by the government has resulted in skyrocketing and unsustainable debt.

• Greek's debt is nearing $450 billion or about 115% of its GDP. Yesterday, a union-backed general strike ground transportation to a halt.

• After a wage freeze was imposed on public-sector union members, Portugal is expected to suffer from a massive general strike on March 4th.

• In Spain, plans to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 has resulted in major strikes with entire cities paralyzed.

If not addressed soon, these woes will spread to the United States as certainly as night follows day. The financial stability of cities and towns, counties and states and even the federal government itself hinges on crushing public-sector unions.

We must fire every single public-sector employee and hire the best and brightest back as "at will" employees or, better yet, privatize most functions and bid them out only to non-union shops.

We must break the backs of the SEIU and its ilk before they break this country.
(from directorblue.blogspot.com)

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