Union thugs demand cash from non-members

Orwellian tag for forced-tribute: 'Fair Share'

Iowa lawmakers today will conduct a public hearing on a controversial labor bill that would allow unions representing executive branch employees to charge nonunion workers fees for services.

THE BILL: Under state law, only unions have the power to negotiate with the state on certain pay and work-related issues. Because of that, unions often negotiate for nonunion public employees by default, even though they don't collect union dues from them. House File 2420 would give Iowa's executive-branch public employees the right to negotiate on whether nonunion workers should reimburse unions for bargaining and grievance services.

OPPONENTS: Foes say the bill erodes the state's right-to-work law, which prohibits agreements that require the payment of union dues or fees as part of employment. In addition, they argue that it would allow unions to take legal actions against people who have not joined.

OPPONENT QUOTE: "Not only is this an attack on Iowans' freedoms and liberties, it will hinder our economic climate and signal to employers that Iowa is not open for business," said House Minority Leader Kraig Paulsen, R-Hiawatha.

(from desmoinesregister.com)

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