Who commands Obama?

Our Emperor Has No Clothes

As I said, the pieces are starting to come together and the dots are being connected. We have to look not only at who Obama is taking advice from, but also who is benefiting from his policies.

So far, I have only mentioned the international components of the cabal of which Obama is just one part. I should also include the domestic components such as: SEIU, ACLU, the Soros funded Apollo Foundation, the UAW and AFL-CIO, ACORN, AIG, Bear Sterns, etc. They are all part of the global socialist cabal and led by liberal Democrats.

Understand - Obama is not the leader or the head of the cabal. He too is simply one component, but a very important component in his present position. Obama knows the objectives of the cabal, he needs his advisors only to advise him on how best to achieve them.

He doesn't know squat about running this country, he knows only that he wants a global socialist world under one government. He shares that objective with those mentioned above in a "group think" kind of mentality. Kind of like a flock of birds, or an ant colony.

Although Obama was not brought into the Skull & Bones Society at Harvard University, he has connections to the group as well as close connections to the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign relations through his wife, Michelle, and close associates.

These groups are all global socialist organizations. I suspect they may have been involved in his grooming, especially in his adult years, but he was not inducted into Skull & Bones, I suspect, because his academic grades were not high enough. However, he came in contact with these people during his far left college years.

Obama is not the leader of the cabal because there is no one leader. That is the point I am making. It is a socialist cable of all that I have mentioned. I used the example of al Qaeda because Osama bin Laden, although the leader of his al Qaeda organization, is not the leader of all of the radical Islamist groups around the world. They just share the same radical Islamic beliefs and commit terrorism to promote the cause - not because they were ordered to, or directed by bin Laden.

They share a common philosophy, just as Obama does with the global socialist organizations and people. Obama is currently one component but will never rise to a more powerful position in the cabal once he is out of office. He is being used like a puppet to promote their goals.

99% of what Obama says publicly is scripted by his staff and speech writers. You don't think he actually writes his own speeches do you? That is why he is so dependent on the teleprompter. He depends on others to put words in his mouth. In his own words, he is a "blank canvas" for other to project their thoughts onto. Or to put it another way, an empty suit.

This is a result of the man having no core principles compatible with the American people. Were he to express his own views - as he did to Joe the Plumber - he would be rejected by the vast majority of the American people.

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