Union Corruption, 2009

Exposed: Top Ten stories of the year
"We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama - $60.7 million to be exact - and we're proud of it," Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andrew Stern proclaimed last year.

Now he and other labor leaders want a full return on their investment. "A full return," more than anything else, means getting Congress, the executive branch and the courts to transform labor law and policy into vehicles for a massive expansion of union membership and bargaining power.

That goal surely would have been realized were it not for dogged and principled opposition. The 2008 presidential and congressional elections provided a rare opportunity for organized labor to lead a coalition for a radical economic and political shift. The Treasury Department's strong-arming of General Motors and Chrysler into allowing the United Auto Workers to own a sizable stake in each company testifies to the power of organized labor with close friends in the White House.

Unions in 2009 could count on help from radical nonprofit groups, the most of visible and threatening being the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. This New Orleans-based nationwide network, implicated in a variety of illegal schemes including voter registration fraud, embezzlement and other offenses, is now under investigation by the federal government and at least a dozen states.

In the case of the SEIU, support has been more than moral; the union's Locals 100 and 880 from the start have been ACORN subsidiaries. Don't expect the current administration to express too much concern - as a Chicago lawyer in the mid Nineties, Barack Obama represented ACORN in an Illinois case whose outcome ultimately enabled the group to engage in voter-registration fraud this decade.

And as U.S. president, he made sure to hire a political director, Patrick Gaspard, who has a lengthy history of involvement with ACORN and SEIU.
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