SEIU gets whatever Andy Stern wants

D.C. obeys Obama's favorite social-justice fraud group

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We started the year on a high note: The Inauguration of President Barack Obama, for whom we worked day and night to elect. As December 2009 came to a close, the year ended on a high note for our union as well--actually, several high notes:

  • Cintas pays $6 million in the largest-ever settlement of a living wage ordinance violation.
  • The Pittsburgh City Council unanimously passes a prevailing wage law for thousands of city service workers. And of course,
  • the U.S. Senate passes meaningful healthcare reform.

As we usher in 2010, we took a closer look back at the legislation, people, stories and campaigns that made an impact on our members and all working people in 2009.

Check out our timeline of the year's highlights for working families and SEIU members:

(from seiu.org)

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