New Progs Cross Obama on Taxes

"The last thing we want to do is raise taxes in the middle of a recession." - President Barack H. Obama, Aug. 5, 2009
The leftwing unions running Oregon must have missed the anti-capitalist kleptocrat President's memo.

Thus the high-powered unions who have grown government in the State of Oregon -- led by 503 SEIU Purple People Beaters, Oregon Education Association and AFSCME Council 75 -- pushed through a huge tax increase last year. Voters petitioned to repeal it.

The tax-increase repeal vote concludes Jan. 26. A decade ago, unions made sure that elections in Oregon are 100% mail-in, allowing the SEIU Elections Division to control close outcomes via typical backroom union-election fraud.

And as usual, the leftwing union coalition has sucked in huge sums of out-of-state Big Labor campaign cash -- coloring Oregon ballots -- and is expected to win.
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