Judge in the tank for SEIU-ACORN unit

Sets Working Families Party fraud whitewash

Only weeks ago the New York Post reported that former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger gave a whitewash to ACORN, the shady community action/organization that specialized in voter fraud and sucking up public funds. Harshbarger, a liberal democrat whose career was funded by the same Labor unions who fund ACORN, is hardly an unbiased analyst.

More ominously, the New York Post predicted a similar Whitewash of the Working Families Party.

An ACORN front, the WFP hired former Judge Judith Kaye, a Pataki appointee to look at their books and pronounce them kosher. Pataki, you will recall, was endorsed by SEIU, the lefty public employee union that …funds ACORN.

In a BIG GOVERNMENT EXCLUSIVE we can now report that Justice Kaye has a prior association with the WFP leadership and in fact ruled for the WFP Bosses in a lawsuit. This is a stunning conflict of interest. Justice Kaye is in the tank.

The Working Families Party in under investigation for illegal campaign financing in Staten Island, absentee ballot fraud in Upstate New York and the New York Times reported Federal subpoenas raining on this criminal enterprise.

WFP endorsed candidates are stooges of the very unions whose sweetheart compensation, retirement and pension benefits are bankrupting New York. The WFP endorsement is the Mark of the Beast. New York voters are starting to catch onto this. The WFP endorsement will be an albatross this coming November.

We at NUTBUSTERZ won’t rest until Bertha Lewis – political boss at the Working Families Party – is dragged from her office in handcuffs. We fervently hope she resists arrest so that authorities can use nightsticks on this arrogant, criminal bitch.

(from nutbusterz.org)

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