Ignore Obama-INTERPOL power-grab

Erasure of U.S. civil liberties: What could it mean?
We have published several articles about the recent executive order issued by President Obama during the Christmas holidays with little more than a posting on the White House website. It created a firestorm in the blogosphere. We'll dispense with the background here but you can read the earlier articles by following the links here.

We still don't know what was behind the order. But there are several points we think should be clarified.

First, Team Obama says "nothing has changed." They say the order simply extends the same protections to INTERPOL that other international operations enjoy in the United States. Secondly, several readers have commented that "INTERPOL" does not have police powers ... they do not have a police force ... and they do not arrest people in this country.

We find those arguments specious. Here's why.

First, "something" has changed. The order gives INTERPOL operatives immunity from American laws. Apparently there is much ignorance in America about what that means.

The chief purpose of our Constitution establish a government and to protect Americans from abuses of governmental power. And "government" means those with badges. It matters not whether a law enforcement officer is American or foreign.
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