Fundamental Transformation Exposed!

Had a Merry Crisis, now on to Happy New Fears

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What new fake crisis will be ginned up by ObamaDems to justify late January rush for health care bill that takes full effect in 2013 and what real crises will result from the promise of closed embassies (Yemen) and show trials in NYC?

Saul Alinsky-ites Rahm Emanuel and Hillary Clinton warned of wasting crises and assisted President Barack Obama in using the real economic one and inventing others in 2009 in an attempt to re-make America with high energy tax hikes, union card check and socialized medicine.

The ObamaDems succeeded in tripling the budget deficit with a $1.8Trillion budget and other spending bills especially including a $700B+ non-stimulative government growthulus bill as they used the increasing double-digit unemployment rate they did nothing about.

Now, we can expect Obama to use the deficits he created and threat to the currency he and Bernanke conspired to manufacture, to justify further attempts to re-shape America in the leftist image he has dreamed of since his Marxist elders imparted same to him as a young man.

(from examiner.com)

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