Exposed: Obama's 2010 Wish-List

Top Priority: Fundamental transformation of U.S.

President Obama's New Year's resolutions:

I will get my policies through Congress, regardless of how the American people feel about them.

The next time that I speak at West Point, I will try to keep the cadets awake.

I will learn how to make a coherent speech without using a teleprompter.

I will convince the Olympic Committee to choose Chicago instead of Bangladesh for the 2020 games.

I will continue to circle the globe to apologize for America's past mistakes.

I will try not to bow too low when meeting foreign leaders.

Even if the interrogaters torture me, I will never disclose what I heard in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church.

I will bring home the troops from Afghanistan before they arrive there.

I will continue to blame President Bush for all my failures.

I will convince the American people that I, not Muhammad Ali, is the greatest.

I will repeal term limits, so that I can be your president forever.

I will force Nancy Pelosi to convince Congress to reserve a spot for me on Mount Rushmore.

(from sun-sentinel.com)

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