Ex-Soros partner blasts Obamunism

SEIU-Obama anti-jobs agenda drags on and on

Colonialist Progs OK oppressive inequality

Leaked Soros-Obama scheme enrages global community

Michelle Malkin has more details: here.

Transformation: Dismantling the failed private sector

Capitalistic, free-market competition oppresses U.S.

Congress saves-creates criminal enterprise

Whistleblower Anita MonCrief: Probe, defund social-justice fraud

Virginia's Big Gov Bullies Gone Wild!

Typical over-regulation kills the American Dream

Obama hearts SEIU

But He does not feel it for Christianity

Andy Stern H8s market-based economies

Most-frequent WH visitor bares SEIU greed

How the lamestreams covered-up for ACORN

We don't need no stinkin' news coverage

Think SEIU cares about you? Think again.

Unethical union thugs vow to shut down hospital

Exploited Teamsters out on strike

Oppressive job-provider unacceptable in Oakland

Obama gets revenge, schools Kim Jong Il

It's just the beginning of Obama's overexposure

ACORN fights for Class Warfare

Working Families Party fraud unit copes with temporary public funding ban

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