Obama adjusts voters' attitude

Attacks on liberty bear bitter fruit for Obamalosi Dems

Don’t look now, but a marginalized old hand on the political stage may be making a big comeback. No, it’s not former VP Dick Cheney, but it’s an entity that had been just as maligned as Joe Biden’s predecessor.

Rasmussen’s latest survey shows that the approval rating of the American medical system has gone up 20 points in the past 18 months, and now has a near-majority of likely voters calling it good or excellent:

Forty-nine percent (49%) of voters nationwide now rate the U.S. health care system as good or excellent. That marks a steady increase from 44% at the beginning of October, 35% in May and 29% a year-and-a-half ago.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 27% now say the U.S. health care system is poor.

It is interesting to note that confidence in the system has improved as the debate over health care reform has moved to center stage. The latest polling shows that only 38% favor the health care legislation currently working its way through Congress.

Most liberal voters (51%) now rate the current health care system as poor. However, 62% of conservatives say it’s good or excellent. Among political moderates, 44% say the health care system is good or excellent while 26% say it’s poor.

On a partisan breakdown, the numbers become a little more clear. Republicans rate it good or excellent by a 64/36 margin. Independents also have a majority favoring the current system, albeit smaller at 53/46. Interestingly, 27% of independents rate it as excellent, as opposed to 23% of Republicans. Democrats, meanwhile, rate it 33/65, far out of pace with the rest of the nation.

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Social justice fraud shall go unpunished

Holder: U.S. to keep subsidizing ACORN

On Friday, the Department of Justice released a ruling it issued Monday, outlining its arguments that federal agencies can continue providing taxpayer funds to ACORN.

obligations-public-law11168 -

The Justice Department interpretation lays the groundwork for federal agencies to resume paying ACORN, despite a Congressional-ban on public funds going to the troubled organization. The ruling argues that nothing in the funding prohibition prevents federal agencies from giving ACORN taxpayer funds for existing contracts between the organization and the federal government.

It should be noted that the ACORN funding ban is included within the current Continuing Resolution, a legislative vehicle to fund government operations until a full budget is enacted. Without the CR, no federal funds could be expended by any agency. Under the current CR, ACORN is prohibited from receiving federal funds. Justice is arguing that some existing contracts entered into the executive branch officials–which haven’t been disclosed to the public–supersede the Congressional legislation. But only Congress can dictate how funds are spent.

The ruling seems to be an interpretation in search of a loophole. Worse, it seems the Justice Department is trying to find a way to allow ACORN to continue receiving government funds, rather than a dispassionate analysis of the funding ban passed by Congress.

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You've been Greenwashed!

Typical lamestream culture-fog plagues U.S.

Unions #1 in political bribery

Labor bigs outbid all other rent-seekers using compulsory dues and fees

According to FollowTheMoney.org unions were some of the most generous with donations to political candidates and causes during the 2007-2008 donation cycle, the last cycle full reporting is known for. A close second place goes to the energy industry with Indian interests coming in third.

Out of the top 50 highest amounts given to political efforts unions donated $223,533,678 to political causes showing that, while unions make up less than 20 percent of the American work force, they account for some of the largest in political donations.

Unfortunately, many of those top donors are public employees unions meaning that our tax dollars are caught in a revolving door with tax money going to public employees who then turn around and donate some of that tax money right back to politicians and their campaign funds in order for those politicians to themselves turn right back around and pass laws that give public employees unions more money!
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Busted: ClimateGate cover-up

Lamestreams disgrace the truth

'The Chicago Way' plagues U.S.

Team Obama's off-putting M.O. exposed

“The Chicago Way”- a method of bamboozling and backstabbing - is leading to disillusionment by significant portions of the Left with Barack Obama, the man it hailed as supposedly the most inspiring Democrat since Bobby Kennedy. Here how The Chicago Way works.

Hiding the Truth.

Hiding true facts from voters is a hallmark of how Mayor Richard M. Daley runs this city supposedly “The City that Works” and which has been adapted by the Rahm Emanuel-David Axelrod-Valerie Jarrett team for Obama.

This from an outstanding reporter who has done great work uncovering the story of TIFs, Ben Joravsky … aided by his colleague Mike Dumke … of The Chicago Reader:

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Tone-deaf New Progressives

They keep singing that same song
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been a frequent visitor to Venezuela, getting there four times in four years in office to see his close Latin American ally, President Hugo Chávez. Which makes the Venezuelans' faux pas on Ahmadinejad's arrival there on November 24 even more surprising.

Ahmadinejad was greeted with the wrong national anthem.

The anthem played was Iran's Imperial National Anthem -- used in the days of the Shah and subsequently discarded under Iran's Islamic Republic.
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Bleak Friday at The White House

The buck stops with Emanuel, Jarrett

Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com
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