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Police union crooks get away with murder

It's The Chicago Way
The president of the Chicago Police Sergeants’ Association has been caught stealing over $600,000 in union funds, authorities say.

Sgt. John Pallohusky, 53, spent the stolen funds on gambling trips, lavish dinners, and online stock trading.

He spent more than $163,000 on Ameritrade and $75,000 at restaurants including Ruth’s Chris, Smith & Wollensky, Kinzie Chophouse, Petterino’s, Gibson’s and Lawry’s, the arrest warrant said.

This is just another example of the illegitimacy of unions, really. This guy has been doing this for two years. Did no one miss all that cash for two years? Were there no other union officials paying attention? And if none of this money was missed for 24 months, WHY does the union need this cash in the first place? Obviously no one needed all that money all this time if no one noticed so much was missing.

Further more, we get these stories of one union thief or another ripping off a union nearly every month from unions of all sorts all across the country. It is plain that there is no real oversight of these unions. Democrats and union thugs whine all the time and agitate for oversight of politicians and business, but apparently they don’t want any such oversight of their illegal activities! After all, it would stop these crooks from stealing and we sure don’t want that, eh?

(from theunionlabelblog.com)

Leftwing hatchet-man calls it quits

From where shall we get our unbiased, objective analysis?
Bill Moyers, that bastion of journalistic integrity, has decided to retire from his tax-payer funder ivory tower over at PBS, in April of 2010.

A man whose last 8 years of his career was sustained by perpetuating weekly displays of Bush Derangement Syndrome, it is estimated he has amassed a personal fortune of $20 million from the American tax-payer and generous viewer donations.

Speaking softly with a slight, thoughtful southern drawl, his public life is that of a fiercely outspoken liberal hatchet man.

Though he is best known as the propaganda minister for PBS, he got his first big break in Vietnam-era politics.

A close confidant of Lyndon B. Johnson, Moyers rose quickly through the political ranks to become Johnson's "special assistant," eventually becoming supervisor and point man for the welfare expansion program known as "The Great Society." He helped forge many social engineering experiments which cost trillions of dollars, much of which we are still paying for today.

Not surprisingly, creation of and funding for public broadcasting became part of this massive government project, which eventually became Moyer's personal bully pulpit.
(from wizbangblog.com)

VeneProg praises Carlos the Jackal

Chávez competes with Obama for attention on global social-justice stage
Hugo Chávez has defended the alleged terrorist mastermind Carlos the Jackal, saying the Venezuelan imprisoned in France was an important "revolutionary fighter" who supported the cause of the Palestinians.

Carlos -- whose real name is Ilich Sanchez Ramirez -- gained international notoriety during the 1970s and 80s as the alleged mastermind of a series of bombings, killings and hostage dramas. He is serving a life sentence in France.

"They accuse him of being a terrorist, but Carlos really was a revolutionary fighter," Chávez said during a televised speech.
(from bnd.com)

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