Obama's Coup Fails

Hard-left policies lead to public outrage, counter-revolution

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Book Review: Obama's Rules for Revolution

Obamunism based on Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals'

Since taking office Barack Obama, who promised during his campaign to create a moderate, inclusive administration, has engaged in actions that have created division and fear because they are meant to radically change America, not improve on what has always worked. As a result, David Horowitz writes in Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model, “Many Americans have gone from hopefulness, through unease, to a state of alarm as the President shows a radical side only party visible during his campaign.”

Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution: The Alinsky Model provides an understanding of the roots of the current administration’s effort to subject America to a wholesale transformation by looking at the work of one of the President’s heroes—radical Chicago “community organizer” Saul Alinsky.

The guru of Sixties radicals, Alinsky urged his followers to be flexible and opportunistic and say anything to get power, which they can then use to destroy the existing society and its economic system.
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Obama creates or saves massive unemployment

Geithner numb to social-justice fraud
Apparently, “any measurement” doesn’t include the unemployment rate, job growth, number of jobs, wage growth, hours worked, home foreclosures, rate of mortgage delinquencies, etc.
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Hooking for ACORN in L.A.

Union-backed, tax funded fraud group in the spotlight
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Lavelle Stewart, of ACORN in South Central Los Angeles, tells us she thinks we have to hook up with “someone who’s on that international sex business level,” that “14 and 15 year olds been traveling overseas for years,” that she can do independent research for us, and that she has had meetings with Porn magnate Larry Flynt.

As for laundering the sex money into my faux political campaign, Lavelle says, “there are ways, people do it all the time. Yeah there are ways, especially out here in California.”

Psalm 109:8 exposed

Pray for Obama

Stimulus: Enron-style accounting

Typical Obama GIGO triggers federal probe

One day after Nebraska Watchdog told you (click here) the federal government’s Recovery.gov Web site had listed incorrect stimulus information about Nebraska, including the number of congressional districts in the state (there are 3 not 48), a House committee is trying to find out what went wrong.

The committee’s inquiry follows an extensive state-by-state report released by Nebraska Watchdog’s parent company, the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

The report has generated interest from a wide range of organizations including CNN (see below) and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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SEIU local makes it big

Extreme unionist thugs know no limits

It's been a tough couple days for the president of Allentown's largest union, Nick Balzano.

Last week, he said the local Service Employees International Union was considering filing a grievance against the city because officials allowed a local boy scout to do some work in a park. Those comments were featured in a Sunday Morning Call story.

Here's audio of the meeting so you can see for yourself. Download Balzano.

The boy scout, Kevin Anderson, 17, was doing the volunteer work to earn his Eagle Scout badge, he says.

The comments sparked outrage nationally, most notably from Conservative pundits Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, who both dedicated portions of their Fox television shows to the issue. They said the story illustrates the extreme measures unions, specifically SEIU, take to protect their jobs.

Congressman Charlie Dent, R-Lehigh, weighed in on the issue, calling on Balzano to issue an apology to the family of the boyscout and to the residents of Allentown.

Attempts to get into contact with Balzano have been unsuccessful.

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SEIU beat-down thugs go scot-free

Still no charges in Town Hall protester assault
Three months after fists flew outside a Russ Carnahan town hall forum in south St. Louis county, still no one has been charged.

While the August event was about aging and senior care issues, controversy over Congressional attempts at health care reform dominated the mood of the participants, raising tensions and tone. Outside, members of the spillover crowd entered into heated exchanges, mostly between self-described Tea Party protesters and those belonging to the Service Employees International Union. As the situation grew more hostile, a shoving match began.

38-year-old Kenneth Gladney, a conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked as he handed out yellow so-called Gadsen flags, which bear the "Don't Tread on Me" snake and logo, that dates back to the American Revolution.

The activist suffered injuries to his back and face. Gladney, who is black, also claimed that one of his attackers, used a racial slur.

Six people were arrested by St. Louis County Police, with at least two suspects booked on suspicion of assault. But the person who will decide whether to file charges, St. Louis County Counselor Patricia Reddington, is still sorting it all out. "There were multiple altercations and police involvement," Reddington said. "We're looking at the whole evening and the charges that may be filed as a result of that."
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You guys make a pretty good photo-op

Obama's narcissistic gaffe gives Biden a run for his money

Government Motors bails out Europe

Obama-UAW global subsidy "not wise or helpful"

Obama creates rings around Earth

The One takes time out from anti-capitalism

We're all Jackass now

Typical underemployed youth define Era of Obama

Big Government gets to do whatever it likes

Health Care Hoops

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