Anti-business politics coming home to roost

Leftwing perps in grand social-justice fraud

• Soldiers die in Afghanistan while President dithers over additional troops.

• Unemployment at 10.2% and Congress contemplates job-killing Cap and Trade and amnesty for ILLEGAL aliens.

• Union enhancing Health Care Reform blocks real reform for sales across state lines and tort reform.

• Andy Stern, SEIU President and Lobbyist for SEIU visits White House 22 times while White House ignores the American people. (During the campaign Obama promised that he would eliminate lobbyists influence).

• Obama wants Congress to pass business-killing "Card Check" bill.

This President and Democrat Congress are considering everything BUT putting Americans back to work.

Theirs is a purely political agenda which does not consider the needs of the American People at all.
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SEIU deploys violent thugs v. opposition

Oh, That Liberal Fascism

At Power Line, John Hinderaker writes, “We are beginning to see way too many echoes of the 1930s, as national socialist and Marxian socialist thugs try to drive competing political views off the streets”:

The worst offenders so far have been the Service Employees’ International Union, which has repeatedly sent its members out into the streets to beat up anyone who isn’t toeing the Obama line on issues like socialized medicine.

Most recently it’s International ANSWER, a hard-core Communist group supported by shadowy funding sources that have never been made public, but appear to consist of a handful of rich people. ANSWER, notwithstanding its unabashedly Communist ideology, now feels comfortable enough to assault non-communist demonstrators who show up in the streets. In this case, the non-communists were protesting illegal immigration, seeking to uphold the nation’s laws, when they were set upon by ANSWER’s thugs:(from Ed Driscoll at pajamasmedia.com)

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Neo-Nazi’s Hitler Flag Triggers Scuffle at Arizona Tea Party Protest

Valerie Jarrett fail

Leftwing grievance mongers, now in power, just don't get it
The administration wants to speak “truth” to common people? To everyone who doesn’t support their policies? The American left has a long history of using character attacks against opponents and aggressive protests to gain clout, and we’re already seeing those same tactics employed again.

For example, videos have surfaced of Service Employees International Union members, a group Obama himself has called a valued ally, violently beating protesters outside of town hall meetings across the country.

We have also seen congressional Democrats including Nancy Pelosi try to identify opposition members as gun-clinging racists or Nazi-invokers — even after it was identified that many reports were overblown, or could be linked to extreme sources like Lyndon LaRouche.

It seems that the administration has forgotten one important piece of information: the left is now running the show, not the right. The rhetoric of speaking truth to power works when you are in the minority, but it cannot be used in the same way now. That, however, is just what it seems Jarrett is suggesting that the administration is doing, and this drastically changes the impact. What could have been spun as aggressive protesting while out of power now looks highly suspect — more like aggressive attempts to suppress the opposition — while in power.

The Left needs to rethink its tactics in order to appropriately engage the public at large. The onus of responsibility to lead — not to protest — rests with them. And while the president and his staff may not like the newfound ire focused upon their policies, stiff opposition comes with the territory. That is a truth that does hold power.

David Giffin is a College senior from Charleston, Ill.
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Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com

Valerie Jarrett smacked down by Stanford alums

Lamestreams whitewash Obama's corrupt confidante

Was there a time when Stanford students were more conservative than they are now?

In its September/October issue, Stanford Magazine published a glowing profile of Stanford alum and President Obama’s longtime friend and confidante, now his Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, Valerie Jarrett ‘78.

Even more interestingly, Malkin draws attention to Stanford alums, who, it turns out, are not all in lockstep with Stanford Magazine’s view of Jarrett. In the November/December issue of Stanford Magazine, several alums wrote in to criticize Jarrett’s past and role in the Obama Administration. I count at least eight letters criticizing the Jarrett profile, more than on any other single topic from the previous issue, and all eight were critical.

Said former ASSU Vice President Erline Anderson Reber ‘49:

Stanford has become an apologist for the left through political correctness and has arrived there by applying draconian methods that kept our magazine from . . . [doing] book reviews of constructive thinkers like Shelby Steele and Thomas Sowell, who are hiding out at that “wicked” Hoover Institution.

Mark Williams ‘74, JD/MBA ‘93:

Stanford again is blessed to have within its midst a true patriot and esteemed scholar and administrator, who also happens to be an African-American woman. Of course I refer to Condoleezza Rice. The Stanford community as a whole should be treating her better, not groveling at the feet of another Obama henchperson.

Pete Holzmann ‘79:

What a great lesson: Valerie’s Stanford education did not provide her with a moral compass sufficient to recognize that Jones would be bad news in any administration. I’m left wondering if Jarrett, or Stanford, can recognize the immoral shamefulness of her actions?

See the rest of the letters on Stanford Magazine’s letters page.

(from blog.stanfordreview.org)

Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com

Biggovernment.com rats out SEIU

Report details blow-by-blow union thuggery
SEIU is not stupid. When reports first came out of violence at the Russ Carnahan TownHall in Missouri, SEIU flacks jumped into their media spin machine and got to work. Tim Targaris, the SEIU new media spokesman started the party with a Tweet declaring:

Seven teabaggers arrested at Missouri town-hall event today. One SEIU staffer sent to hospital (shoulder) and will be ok. 9:01 p.m. August 6th.

We know now that it was five HCAN supporters who were arrested, but Tagaris continued to tweet false information, defending the story by citing an internal brief and then moving to other media response. A pledge was quickly created and touted by SEIU, decrying violence at townhalls. A video was cut that took the post-attack YouTube footage and spliced it with alternating footage of SEIU members singing peacefully followed by groups of tea party protestors shouting. And then an anonymous phone call characterized as a death threat was played for dramatic effect. It was some very fine propaganda.

Step 2 was turning the initial attacker Elston McCowan into a saint. SEIU and their pet bloggers on the left started talking about the 40-something, blind in one eye Baptist minister who was brutally attacked by teabaggers (SEIU likes to repeat the sexual slur). McCowan published photos of himself in a black outfit, a white priest collar, and a sling. He was Saint Innocent, the real victim. Once the video was released, SEIU created a second version of the story, maintaining it was McCowan who was attacked while laying helplessly on the ground.
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Labor-state sets kickback for SEIU organizers

And they wonder why Michigan is going down the tubes

At its monthly board meeting today the Michigan Economic Growth Authority voted to give a state business tax credit worth $2 million over five years to the corporate subsidiary of the Service Employees International Union for an operation that will provide administrative services for the SEIU and other local unions. MEGA is considered the "flagship" of the state's growing empire of "economic development" programs and authorities.

The MEGA board's action was included in a press release posted on the website of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which says the union will invest $3 million in this entity, to be located in Wayne County's Redford Township, and was given the selective tax break "to help convince the company to expand in Michigan over competing sites in Missouri and Florida."

The press release does not explain why an entity whose purpose is "to provide administrative services for . . . local labor organizations" (emphasis added) would locate in a state hundreds of miles away. Nor whether the board considered those other state locations - one in a "Right to Work" state - to be a credible "threat," nor whether the tax break is merely a political payoff to one of the state's most politically powerful special interests - a union representing many government employees.

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Union cash corrupts health-care reform debate

Jumbo SEIU uses union-dues for political kickbacks
Throughout the debate over health care reform, there has been a great deal of discussion over the role of special interests in influencing the votes of lawmakers. Liberal democrats, progressive think tanks and mainstream media have repeatedly accused anyone who opposes government run health care of standing with special interests instead of with needy Americans, painting them as greedy and selfish.

And now that a bill has passed in the House and is on its way to the Senate, big government proponents of a ‘public option’ are already attacking their fellow Democrats’ own bill, insisting that it may as well have been written by special interests.

Funny they should mention that. Because, just like the stimulus bill, it was written by special interests.

(from biggovernment.com)

Andy Stern's SEIU declares war

Labor-state turf battle creates or saves nasty politics
The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) held a boisterous picket line in San Francisco last night, but their chants targeted a surprising adversary: labor leaders and their political allies. While California Democratic Party Chair John Burton (labor’s greatest California ally), State Senator Mark Leno and leaders of UNITE HERE, the Sailors, Plumbers, Building Trades, and Police and Fire unions, were inside the Plumbers Union Hall honoring the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), SEIU was outside denouncing NUHW – and by implication its supporters – as corrupt.

Last week, SEIU informed Burton that it would end its $1 million annual donation to the state Party unless he withdrew his support for NUHW, which he refused to do. SEIU’s threat to labor hero Burton, and its reported statement to the United Teachers of Los Angeles (sponsor of tonight’s NUHW fundraiser) that it would seek to organize charter school teachers in retaliation for UTLA’s pro-NUHW stance, reflects a union increasingly at odds with the labor movement.

In July, 25 international union leaders condemned SEIU’s raids on UNITE HERE, and new AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has since vowed to defend UNITE HERE against SEIU attacks. SEIU is now isolated, viewing fellow unions and pro-labor politicians as adversaries, and its scorched earth campaign against its former California health care leadership is coming at a steepening internal and political cost.
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Obama's narcissism: Unbounded

Krauthammer takes on overexposed 'first Pacific President'

Big news unions all mobbed-up?

Lamestream news industry is union-dense
A law enforcement official says the New York Police Department raided circulation offices at some of the nation’s largest newspapers as part of a union corruption probe.

The official says the offices of The New York Times, the New York Post, El Diario and the Daily News of New York were raided Tuesday. The official spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

The official says the newspaper delivery system around the city is under investigation. It was unclear whether the news operations were involved, although the official initially said they were not.

The 1,600-member union that delivers papers was previously accused by the Manhattan district attorney’s office of being run by the mob. (from AP)

* * *

The New York City police raided the offices of three major city dailies and El Diario on Tuesday morning as part of an investigation into allegations of corruption within the union that delivers newspapers in the metropolitan area.

A warrant was served at the printing plant of The New York Times in College Point, Queens, by New York City police officers working in conjunction with the office of the Manhattan district attorney, Robert M. Morgenthau, as investigators sought paperwork related to the work of the Newspaper and Mail Deliverers Union, which bundles and trucks newspapers across the region.

The offices of The New York Daily News on West 33rd Street, The New York Post on Avenue of the Americas and the offices of El Diario, a Spanish-language newspaper, in the MetroTech center in Brooklyn, were also searched, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

No one was arrested, and the search warrants issued sought to collect records. (from NYTimes’ blog)
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Welcome to Gitmo, Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn replaced the disgraced Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-SEIU)

SEIU thugs dog Lieberman

Union-backed social justice fraud: Bogus prayer vigil

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