Desperately distancing from ACORN

Disgraced White House officials thick with union-backed, tax-funded fraud group
Congressman Steve King made the following statement and issued this release regarding the resignation of White House communications director Anita Dunn. “Anita Dunn left the White House earlier than expected. Not only has Dunn lavished praises on Chairman Mao and compared him to Mother Teresa, Dunn’s husband has a public record of protecting ACORN and protecting President Obama’s relationship to ACORN.”

“ACORN’s national headquarters are now under a full attorney general investigation. Congress and Attorney General Holder need to launch their investigations and a special prosecutor needs to be named – sooner rather than later.” (from blogs.dailymail.com)

Anita Dunn is married to Robert Bauer, who served as general counsel for Obama for America. In 2008, Bauer sent a letter to then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey arguing that Department of Justice should not investigate election-related fraud allegations against ACORN. The letter is available at http://rawstory.com/images/other/ObamaJusticeletter.pdf.

Footnote five of Bauer’s letter complains that “In the last week, several members of Congress who are officially affiliated with the McCain-Palin campaign have written to the Attorney General and U.S. Attorneys pressuring them to investigate ACORN.” The letter also claims that Republican concerns regarding ACORN-related fraud were “manufactured.”

Subsequent revelations have validated these Republican concerns and proven the existence of additional fraudulent activities. The clear message of Bauer’s letter was to tell the DOJ to back off from interfering with ACORN’s activities.

ACORN has admitted to over 400,000 fraudulent voter registrations in the 2008 election cycle.

The truth about Valerie Jarrett

And now, for the rest of the story

The puff piece appeared in the wake of the Jarrett-engineered Van Jones debacle and the Obama/Jarrett/Chicago crony Olympics flop. Like the massive New York Times profile published earlier this year, the Stanford Magazine piece was mum on Jarrett’s hardball days and failed developer record as a slum lord.

But Stanford alumni made sure the magazine’s readership knew the rest of the story.

In the November/December issue of Stanford Magazine, letter-writers filled in the blanks left by the puff piece. Just speaking truth to power, Val!

(from michellemalkin.com)

Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com

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U.S. Justice Dept. goes MIA

Inherited problems force union-fraud off A.G.'s agenda

The Wall Street Journal and Fresno Bee report that SEIU engaged in illegal threats, ballot-tampering, and other serious violations of election rules during a June union election for 10,000 homecare providers in Fresno, according to voters and union staff who worked for SEIU during the election and have now come forward.

A sworn declaration from an SEIU whistleblower says that senior SEIU officials instructed organizers to violate election rules during the mail-in, secret-ballot vote, and then destroyed evidence of the violations. Statements from two former SEIU staff and several homecare providers were recently submitted to the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) as evidence accompanying a request to overturn the election results.

Among the illegal tactics reported:

  • SEIU staff tampered with workers’ ballots, by voiding the ballots of workers who marked their ballot for NUHW, and by collecting ballots directly from workers’ mailboxes.
  • Senior SEIU officials instructed staff to handle ballots in violation of election rule, and advised staff on how to do so in a way that was legally deniable.
  • SEIU organizers threatened Latino caregivers that SEIU would “call immigration” and have them deported in retaliation unless they voted for SEIU.
  • SEIU officials instructed staff to threaten and lie to voters that they would lose their wages, their health insurance, and even their jobs unless they voted for SEIU.
(from biggovernment.com)
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Obama triggers new surge

Communist leaders from 60 nations to gather
The 11th Communist and Workers Parties' International Meeting will be held in Delhi, Nov 20-22, a senior communist leader said Monday.

The theme of the meeting is 'The international capitalist crisis, the workers' and peoples' struggle, the alternatives and the role of the communist and working class movement,' said Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) politburo member S. Ramachandran Pillai.

He said communist parties from around 50 nations including China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and Russia have already confirmed their participation, and some more countries are likely to confirm soon. (from sify.com)

ACORN scandal plagues labor-state Dems

A.G. Moonbeam can't please all sides
If he charges the filmmakers, [Attorney General Jerry Brown] will be accused of hypocrisy because he chose not to bring charges against his own spokesman, who has admitted secretly recording journalists. If he doesn't bring charges against the filmmakers, he faces criticism from grassroots liberals and supporters of ACORN, which Republicans have also accused of voter fraud.

Brown's spokesman Scott Gerber admitted recording six interviews with five journalists, including a reporter for The Chronicle, without their consent. Officials in Brown's office said they had told him not to record the conversations without the reporters' consent, as required by state law.

Gerber resigned last week, and the attorney general's office said it had completed its investigation. But the attorney general faces political problems in addition to legal questions surrounding the secret recordings by the filmmakers and his spokesman.

Last week, his Republican rivals for governor, as well as consumer advocates and newspaper editorial boards, blasted him for not ordering an independent investigation of Gerber's recordings.

"Jerry Brown has to know that without an independent probe, there will be a cloud over his office - and his pending run for governor," editorialized the San Diego Union-Tribune. (from sfgate.com)
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Pro-union Pay-to-Play corruption: The Fix is In

Transparency interferes in Obama's allocation of union political power
If "transparency" is the keystone of the Obama administration, why is the Department of Labor softening new regulations that have exposed corruption by unions?

Under former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, new rules required unions to itemize receipts and expenditures and disclose the full value of benefits received by union officers and employees, reminds The Heritage Foundation.

And then, the fallout: Increased scrutiny exposed at least two high-ranking officials within the Service Employees International Union who spent union cash quite lavishly among acquaintances -- and for no apparent benefit to the rank and file. Tyrone Freeman, boss of the SEIU Los Angeles local, and Annelle Grajeda, an executive vice president of the national SEIU, both resigned.

So, if something works, why "fix" it -- unless the administration's fix is in?

Apparently "transparency" and what ends up getting exposed are quite subjective matters under President Obama. Last month Labor rescinded enhanced union financial-reporting requirements implemented in January. And more curtain-pulling is expected, allowing union bosses to spend without the glare of enhanced scrutiny.

If Mr. Obama is unwilling to restore transparency to organized labor, then Congress must. (from pittsburghlive.com)
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MoveOn - The Movie

Meet the vanguard of the New Progressive Era
MoveOn: The Movie is a feature-length documentary focusing on the revolutionary history of the biggest progressive grass-roots movement seen in the United States since the 1960s. This film stands as a vivid testimony to times of radical social change in our nation and to the power of people banding together for change. (from moveonmovie.com)

Labor-state blamed on term limits

A straw man for union domination of Michigan politics
The provision in our state Constitution limiting the terms of certain elective offices is an intentional restriction on ambitious politicians, not an "experiment," as The Detroit News suggests ("Failed Experiment," Nov. 11). Further, the editors are either hopelessly myopic or disingenuous in asserting that regularly scheduled elections provide the same controls. It is nearly impossible to unseat even bad incumbent legislators because they have so rigged the system to protect their own advantage.

Of course, any change has unforeseen, unintended consequences. As The News correctly observes, the response of those who have found term limits an impediment to making a career out of "public service" has been to turn elective office in a giant game of musical chairs. But tolerating political dynasties is not a good alternative. (from detnews.com)
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46 handshakes, one bow

Obama plagued by rookie mistakes ... or is it a proper Muslim greeting?
For those arguing that such a policy merely propagates American arrogance and that Obama wants to “change perceptions,” this video by the UConn College Republicans points out the second problem.

Heads of state do not bow and show obeisance to one another, regardless of whether either one is an American President.

The UConn group reviews 47 different greetings to Emperor Akihito and various heads of state, including a few from fellow Pacific Rim countries with similar cultural sensitivities, and doesn’t find a bow among them. (from hotair.com)

AlGore faces an inconvenient truth

Citizens reject junk-science social-justice fraud
“If you follow the money, it tells you all you need to know about Al Gore he is making millions off all this energy stuff he is selling,” said Meg Shannon, with the South Florida Tea Party. (from gatewaypundit.firstthings.com)
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