Who is Hannah Giles?

Youthful activist outed union-backed, tax-funded social-justice fraud
Hannah Giles was in the middle of her guerrilla warfare lecture this weekend at the young conservatives leadership conference when a man in the audience interrupted her.

"We love you!" he cried out. The crowd erupted in applause and whistles. "Aw," Giles said into the microphone. "I love you guys too."

At age 20, Giles is a rock star of conservative activism. She shot onto the national scene in September after posing as a prostitute at ACORN offices around the country, where she secretly videotaped employees who appeared to give her advice on tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution.

Outrage over the recordings led Congress to cut federal funding for the community organizing group. (from latimes.com)
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ACORN and MOVE ON Rally for Socialism

Lamestreams ignore failed leftwing counter-protest

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What makes Barack Obama tick?

Nightmares from My Father? Suppressed shame can lead to arrogance, narcissism, the need to be loved by everyone in the room.
Now, on the eve of his older sibling's first-ever visit to China, Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo has emerged from the shadows to reveal the disturbing truth about the late Barack Obama Sr, his and President Obama's father.

Last week, Mr Ndesandjo published an autobiographical novel, Nairobi to Shenzhen: A Tale of Love In The East. It paints a shocking picture of his abusive and alcoholic father, one that is at odds with the man portrayed in Dreams From My Father, President Obama's best-selling 1995 memoir.

"I can remember my father hitting my mother and me. They're memories I don't like to dwell on because it's very painful for me," said Mr Ndesandjo, who has lived in China for seven years. "I had a very difficult early childhood and there were things that happened to me that really hardened me."

In his book, Mr Ndesandjo describes a father who was a heavy drinker and who began to abuse his wife, verbally and physically, soon after they were married. Their son witnesses his mother running, screaming, into the night to escape being beaten. (from telegraphco.uk)

Ronald Reagan rips ObamaCare

The dangers of socialized medicine exposed
This is a video version of a radio advertisement being used to oppose the health care 'reform' bill that is currently making its way through Congress.

The ad features excerpts from Ronald Reagan's 1961 program called Operation Coffee Cup. Then private citizen Ronald Reagan was hired by the American Medical Association to speak-out against socialized medicine. Reagan's message is as relevant today as it was then.

While this ad is currently sponsored by Minnesota Majority, it can be rebranded and used by any other organization that is interested in opposing ObamaCare. (from mnmajoritydotorg)

Did ACORN buy Dirty Harry for $50,000?

What did Congress know about union-backed fraud and when did they know it?

So...let me get this straight: Acorn continuously breaks the law, running their shyster outfit like the Mafia, they've received $53 million dollars of OUR Federal taxpaying dollars since 1994, yet were found to be eligible to receive BILLIONS of our tax dollars...and they're whining like spineless criminals because they were finally caught red-handed?

Uh, where I come from, we call this K-A-R-M-A. Suck it up, Bertha.. Trafficking hookers and shelling out 'advice' to other nasty unsavories is NOT what that money was intended to be used for. Especially when WE are paying for it.

NOTE TO CONGRESS: before getting cute and deciding to give in to this suit, shelling out OUR TAX DOLLARS to these scum bags again, you might want to have a conversation with old Harry Reid - the same guy who refused to open an investigation into ACORN despite MASSIVE evidence linking ACORN to fraud in his own state.

1) 48 % of NV registrations turned in by ACORN were fraudulent and when the offices were raided by authorities, they found that 59 inmates from a work-release program at a nearby prison were employed by ACORN and found numerous irregularities. Its field director, Christopher Edwards, pled guilty to two gross misdemeanor counts of conspiracy.

Yet, despite the embarrassing avalanche of evidence, when the US Senate voted 83-7 to block ACORN from bidding for additional federal grant money, Reid STILL refused to hold a hearing on ACORN’s activities.

Even after the scandal broke revealing that ACORN was involved in human trafficking, underage prostitution operations and other allegations, Reid claimed that investigating ACORN would disrupt other critical areas of concern. (like bankrupting America, working to pass an illegal healthcare bill that nullifies our constitution and protecting sex offenders - yep, Harry's been busy)

Reid communicated his concerns to Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), stating his preference to focus on healthcare reform and economic recovery.

Perhaps Reid's attitude has more to do with the fact that SEIU/ACORN reps, kicked FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS over to Dirty Harry's campaign and they are expecting his protection.

But, ACORN has been under scrutiny for years - their misdeeds ignored by our Leadership, the Media and ultimately, the tax-paying public. Luckily enough, Hanna Giles, Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe and Glenn Beck dug their heels in and caught ACORN red-handed, permanently ripping the blinders off of America, once and for all. (from washingtonexaminer.com)

SEIU v. NUHW: Union thugs gone wild!

Unionists hone voter fraud, intimidation skills
Barack Obama's favorite union, the Service Employees International (SEIU), has been on a roll.

After boasting of spending tens of millions of its members' dues to elect Barack Obama (a fact that might account for union president Andy Stern's frequent visits to the Oval Office), the union seems all too eager to engage in the bullying tactics that, say, would make Saul Alinsky and his disciple in the White House beam with pride. (from americanthinker.com)
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Union Sparring in California Gets Even Uglier

The battle between SEIU and the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) over organizing home healthcare workers in northern California got even uglier recently with charges filed alleging SEIU organizers intimidated and threatened workers and even told Latino workers they would be deported if they didn't vote for SEIU in a June election between the two unions.

SEIU won the election to represent 10,000 home healthcare workers in Fresno, but NUHW is challenging the result in charges filed Nov. 6 with the California Public Employment Relations Board.

The charges cite a former SEIU organizer alleging he was pressured to change ballots from the June election between the two unions, and did change a ballot himself.

NUHW has also charged that SEIU local organizers told Latino workers they would be deported if they didn't vote for SEIU, and told workers their wages would be cut and they would lose their jobs or health insurance if they voted for NUHW. NUHW alleges SEIU organizers visited workers up to five times a day, banging aggressively on their doors, and otherwise intimidated and browbeat them. (from: inthesetimes.com)

NFL militants rise up v. oppression

Obama-connected unionist made Rush in to the new Rosa Parks
Philadelphia commuters had to endure the recent SEPTA strike that denied them bus and subway rides. Will football fans face similar anger and frustration in 2011?

Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown and teammates will face the San Diego Chargers today, but Brown said NFL Players Association chief DeMaurice Smith recently told players that there is a "95 percent chance of a lockout" by the owners for the 2011 season.

The union is collecting money and Smith has urged members to save 25 percent of their salaries. (from philly.com)
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It is a proper Muslim greeting

More ado about nothing
President Barack Obama bent over big -- literally -- to show respect for Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko during a visit to that country today, going over the top even by Japanese standards.

Bam's deep bow and several smaller ones earned him the applause of older-generation Japanese that considers such humility a tremendous show of respect, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site, but such deference by the leader of the most powerful country on the planet is sure to provide fresh fodder for his critics. (from nypost.com)
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