Tactics for our post-Constitutional Era

Rules for Radicals replaces our antiquated, failed founding ideology
We have seen Alinsky’s strategies at work for many decades now in the community organizers like ACORN. Quite obviously, the state controlled media has for years fed the people propaganda, using brainwashing techniques and discontentment and made them open to a desire for “change.” One can do a small amount of research on the web or get Alinsky’s book from the library and understand his entire strategy for revolutionary change. I’d suggest it, as it’s wise to know your enemy.

My friend JB says it quite clearly, “The Marxist strategy is simple ... attack on every front at once. Constantly probe for soft spots where they can advance unchallenged. When they meet resistance on one front, they simply advance on another front and return to that issue when the people are looking the other way.

It's brilliant and VERY affective!

Meanwhile, the right is divided across a thousand second tier issues, unable to defend itself on any front, so fractured that they can't even agree on the fundamentals today.

Divided, we are sitting ducks! We have only days, weeks, a few months at the outside, to unite and mobilize in a real way. We fail to do that and this thing is OVER!”

Unfortunately, no one is stepping up to guide the many disenfranchised American constitutionalists and patriots as to how they can fight this administration and their Marxist policies that will totally destroy America and her freedoms. The infiltration of the neo-conservatives (former communists that claim conservatism, but still hold to way too many communist tenets) into the RNC has destroyed the original platform of the Republican Party.

As I mentioned in my last article, MORE REPUBLICAN DECEPTION, when the RNC backs the likes of Dede Scazzofavo against constitutionalist Doug Hoffman, we are really in dire straights. We have way too many like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John McCain, Lamar Alexander, etc. etc. ad nauseum. (from newswithviews.com)
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Obama taps ACORN judge for federal court

There is no way to deter nation's leading union-backed fraud group
President Obama's first federal court nominee was Judge David Hamilton of Indiana. If you are drinking your morning coffee as you read what follows here, you might want to put down your cup before reading further:

Among Hamilton's "qualifications" is the fact that he is a former fund raiser for ACORN. That fact was conspicuously left out of the White House statement announcing Obama's nomination of the federal district judge for a position on the Seventh Circuit federal appeals court.

Even though it was only for a month, the fact Hamilton would work for any length of time for ACORN is disturbing. And there is no evidence that he has ever subsequently repudiated his association with ACORN.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled a Senate confirmation vote on Hamilton's nomination for Tuesday, Nov. 17. (from washingtonexaminer.com)

Teddy Roosevelt thrown under the bus

Hyper-partisan President tempted by corruption
John Berry, President Obama's director of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), has issued a new directive that is clearly designed to weed out any Bush administration political appointees who "careered-into" the civil service.

The directive also effectively establishes a partisan political factor in hiring for career civil service positions in the federal bureaucracy. Berry's agency oversees the federal government's 1.9 million career civil servants.

The OPM was created during the Carter administration to replace the old Civil Service Commission, which was once headed by Teddy Roosevelt in his pre-White House days. The career service was intended to end the spoils system in which federal jobs were used by presidents to reward supporters. (from washingtonexaminer.com)

We have met the enemy

Big Labor and Big Government Are Officially the Same Thing
Who do the words “union members” bring to mind? United Auto Workers building cars in Detroit? Teamsters truckers hauling freight? Steel workers in Pennsylvania?

Not any more. Newly released numbers show that the actual face of today’s union movement is the teller at your local Department of Motorized Vehicles. Preliminary estimates of union membership this year show that most union members now work for the government. The overall unionization rate between January and September 2009 stood at 12.4%, unchanged from last year. However, this difference masks a large difference between unions in the private and public sectors.

Union membership has fallen to 7.3% of private sector workers – the lowest rate since Roosevelt signed the National Labor Relations Act into law. But it is a completely different story in the public sector: 37.6% of government employees belong to unions, up almost a percentage point since last year. Those 7.9 million unionized government employees are 51% of all union members nationwide. Most union members today now work for Uncle Sam. (from blog.heritage.org)

Obama’s ACORN divorce flunks inspection

What did the lamestream media know about illegal campaigning and when did they know it?
Media Matters continues to try to provide cover for the public flogging ACORN has received as a result of investigative videos which showed ACORN employees giving advice on a number of illegal activities including human trafficking, child prostitution, bank fraud, illegal immigration and tax evasion. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has largely ignored a growing scandal that cannot be contained: ACORN is reportedly closing offices across the country, including the site of the DC undercover videotape.


Also, today another damning ACORN tape was released at Big Government. This time an ACORN member openly confessed to ACORN using non-partisan voter registration to secretly produce Obama votes.

Anyone paying attention knows accusations relating to voter registration fraud, illicit partisan activity and other chicanery often have been made against ACORN, with ACORN either denying all or any ACORN fault. In October of 2008, I testified in Pennsylvania regarding the illegal coordination between Barack Obama’s Campaign and ACORN. (from biggovernment.com)

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Labor-state judge orders union-dues deductions

AFSCME members refuse to pay up
A city union wants Mayor Dave Bing thrown in jail on claims he hasn't complied with a court order requiring the city to collect union dues.

Catherine Phillips, lead negotiator for AFSCME Local 25, said the union filed a petition Wednesday asking to jail Bing and Labor Relations Director Barbara Wise-Johnson for contempt of court. Despite a Nov. 4 ruling in the union's favor, dues have not been collected out of checks last Friday and today, Phillips said.

"The city is in contempt of court," Phillips said. "The contracts were to be restored immediately. When he terminated the contract, the only thing initially affected was the city stopped collecting our dues. I'm hoping the judge will hold the city responsible for violating the order."

Last week, Wayne County Judge Amy Hathaway temporarily ordered the city to resume collecting union dues from about 4,500 AFSCME employees after Bing canceled that provision of the contract in October. She has also ordered the union and the city to enter "expedited arbitration" within 30 days to try to settle the dispute. (from detnews.com)
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Valerie Jarrett, call your lawyer

Obama consigliere ducks and covers from Chicago corruption

A conservative watchdog group is suing Mayor Daley and the city for failing to turn over information about the Obama administration's involvement in Chicago's failed Olympic bid.

The Washington, D.C.-based Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court Thursday accusing the Daley administration of failing to respond to a FOIA request sent in September.

The group thinks there's something fishy about the White House granting Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett an ethics waiver to help spearhead Chicago's bid and is seeking a vast array of documents to help prove its case.

Among the information the group seeks is, "[a]ll correspondence between the Office of the Mayor and President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel [sic], Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, the White House, and/or the Office of Olympic, Paralympic, and Youth Sport regarding the City of Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics."

"The Obama White House's failed Olympics bid is a scandal," Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a press release. "Why else would Obama's 'Olympics Czar' Valerie Jarrett need an 'ethics waiver' to lead the campaign to bring the Olympics to Chicago? Mayor Daley's illegal refusal to release documents about the Olympics bid is a rather transparent effort to protect President Obama and other key White House officials."

Jarrett, who was a vice chair of the Chicago 2016 bid committee before joining the White House, needed the waiver, according to a Tribune report at the time, "because the White House ethics pledge prohibits appointees from dealing with matters 'substantially related' to previous employers or clients."

Jarrett's waiver, and the White House's full rationale for it, can be seen here. (from huffingtonpost.com)

Big house for typical union-backed Dem

How much cancerous corruption remains in Congress?
Former Democratic Rep. William Jefferson of Louisiana, infamous for having $90,000 in bribe money hidden in his freezer, was sentenced to 13 years in prison today after being convicted on a slew of federal corruption charges.

Jefferson’s sentence was the harshest ever handed out to a former lawmaker, but Justice Department officials said Jefferson warranted such a severe sanction because of the unprecedented scale of his corruption. Jefferson appeared in court Friday afternoon in a black suit and a red tie, with his five daughters, his wife and his brother.

U.S. District Judge T. S. Ellis III , who presided over the trial and sentencing, said that “public corruption is a cancer on the body politic” and later added that “public corruption is a cancer and needs to be surgically removed.” (from politico.com)

Apology tour continues

Obama refuses to defend winning WWII

Criminal unionist leans on social justice

Typical labor-state wrist-slap for corrupt LIUNA big
A federal judge on Thursday sentenced a former high-ranking union official and two other men to probation and temporarily barred them from holding labor positions for their roles in a scheme to trade money and gifts for construction contracts.

U.S. District Court Judge William E. Smith gave Nicholas Manocchio, a former director of the Laborers’ New England Region Organizing Fund, three years’ probation for accepting cash, liquor, rental cars and gift certificates from an undercover FBI agent posing as a contractor seeking business in Rhode Island.

Before being sentenced, Manocchio told Smith that he was “ashamed and embarrassed and repentant.” He had worked for social justice causes, he said, and had tried to break through the labor movement’s culture of favoritism. “I hope you don’t define me by that single act.” (from projo.com)

Giuliani goes nuts over Obama-KSM

Obama grants new legal rights to 9/11 criminals
On a day when prominent Republicans are piling on, this one obviously carries a little extra weight. It’s 13 minutes long and the best part is at the end of clip two, so skip ahead if you’re pressed for time. Although if you do, you’ll miss his pointed assertion early on that the last terrorist attack on America happened just a week ago. (from hotair.com)

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