Barack Obama finally explained

Domestic violence, abuse of authority exposed

Dreams from My Father?: Experts say that suppressed shame could lead to arrogance, narcissism, and the need to be loved by everyone in the room.
President Barack Obama's half brother has broken his media silence to discuss his new novel — the semi-autobiographical story of an abusive parent patterned on their late father, the mostly absent figure Obama wrote about in his own memoir.

In his first interview, Mark Obama Ndesandjo told The Associated Press that he wrote "Nairobi to Shenzhen" in part to raise awareness of domestic violence.

"My father beat my mother and my father beat me, and you don't do that," said Ndesandjo, whose mother, Ruth Nidesand, was Barack Obama Sr.'s third wife. "It's something which I think affected me for a long time, and it's something that I've just recently come to terms with." (via AP)

Wade Rathke: Social Justice fraud

Interview With Wade Rathke II

Who is Wade Rathke? Like Hillary Clinton, an ace student of Saul Alinsky. Think SEIU, ACORN, Project Vote, Working Families Party, Tides Foundation ... the best leftwing organizer in America. Now going global.
from (theeprovocateur.blogspot.com): Without speaking to Rathke, it's really impossible to describe just how pleasant he is. That's the best description for his demeanor and manner. This is extremely important. His pleasant nature is almost hypnotic. After speaking to him, there's absolutely no doubt why he's so effective. It's damn near impossible to not like Wade Rathke after speaking to him for more than an hour. That makes him effective and also potentially very dangerous, depending on his intentions. It also makes him a lot more complicated than his political opponents would like to turn him into. He's not anything like the political caricature that opponents like Michelle Malkin make of him. One individual described him to me as "diabolical" and that's why I thought of the word when he was answering my question, and if that's really so, he's also dangerous. He is under no circumstances to be underestimated. Whatever Wade Rathke is, one thing is for sure and that is that he is newsworthy.

Wade Rathke would like to turn his organizing philosophy into an organization that organizes throughout the world. At one time, his organization was an organization of one, Wade Rathke. He grew that organization into a political, organizing, media, and cultural force that has become a polarizing organization in large part because of its effectiveness. Make no mistake, he is capable of doing it. If he does it right, the Michelle Malkin's of the world will criticize. If he does it wrong, it will unleash a web of corruption that will interlock the globe and span continents. That makes what Wade Rathke will do going a forward a story that everyone should follow.

Finally, here's the first interview.
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Slumlord Millionaire

Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com

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Obamalosi Dems claim victory

Collectivist Rust Never Sleeps

On its way toward a century-old goal ... either the long march of Progressivism took a detour on Tuesday ... or it took a big step forward. Can it be both?
Karl Rove: "Looking ahead, the bad news for Democrats is that the legislation that helped lead to the collapse of support for their party on Tuesday could yet inflict more pain on those foolish enough to support it. The health-care bill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants to vote on this week could sink an entire fleet of Democratic boats in 2010." (wsj.com)

The Left: Hey, where's all the change?

"There isn't this core set of principles ... that were so easy to say and do - Change You Can Believe In - in 2008 ..." - Chuck Todd

Newt Gingrich: False apology for DeDe

Union bigs pick up a House seat

Talk about a failed Republican policy of the past. Here's a classic non-apology apology; you know, that genre of political talk that comes so naturally to opportunists.

Now that Newt separated from the conservative GOP base, he won't win the nomination for President. Oh well. The Obama machine would have eaten him up. Thanks, Newt. Thanks, DeDe.

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