Voter fraud surge corrupts N.J.

It's just another election day for SEIU.
John Fund: The state has received a flood of 180,000 absentee ballot requests. On some 3,000 forms the signature doesn't match the one on file with county clerks. Yet citing concerns that voters would be disenfranchised, Democratic Party lawyer Paul Josephson wrote New Jersey's secretary of state asking her "to instruct County Clerks not to deny applications on the basis of signature comparison alone." Mr. Josephson maintained that county clerks "may be overworked and are likely not trained in handwriting analysis" and insisted that voters with suspect applications should be allowed to cast provisional ballots. Those ballots, of course, would then provide a pool of votes that would be subject to litigation in any recount, with the occupant of New Jersey's highest office determined by Florida 2000-style scrutiny of ballot applications. HT brietbart.tv

Election Day: Nation gripped by fear

"I believe we have more to fear from the potential of that bill passing than we do from any terrorist right now in any country." - Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC)

Speaking of domestic terrorism, as of 9:50 AM, Election Day observers have not yet noted the appearance of typical ACORN agitators or armed New Black Panther Party thugs at polling places in Virginia and New Jersey.

SEIU: Voter fraud experts

Building a global SEIU

Andy Stern. Twenty-two visits to The White House, surpassed by none. Using the persuasion of power. We are ready to strike. Share the wealth.
via newsrealblog.com: "Does SEIU Boss Andy Stern Run America?"

Andy Stern, president of the radical Service Employees International Union (SEIU), has visited the Obama White House at least 20 times this year. As Stephen Spruiell notes at NRO,

“Stern has openly bragged about the SEIU’s $61 million investment in Barack Obama. It certainly bought him a lot of access.”

This prompted Glenn Beck to wonder aloud on his TV show today if Stern is “controlling our country.” Guest John Fund of the Wall Street Journal added, “Politico.com, which is a moderate publication, says Andy Stern practically lives at the White House.”

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Welcome back, Jeremiah

Like rust, collectivism never sleeps

Here's an example of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's new initiative: the separation of Church and God; and the fusion of State and Thuggery. It's been so long, you might not remember: Rev. Wright was Barack and Michelle Obama's long-time spiritual mentor in Chicago.
HT: breitbart.tv: "You dispel all the negative images we have been programmed to conjure up with just the mention of that word socialism or Marxism."

Editor's note: At the end off the clip Wright describes America as the "Land of the greed and home of the slave."

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Suddenly relevant again

Celebrating Ayn Rand

With an aggressive, arrogant, anti-capitalist leveler occupying The White House and in control of Congress, private investment has gone 'on strike', bumping along at replacement levels only. That's why we have sky-high underemployment. Job growth follows private investment. Everyone knows that.

According to New Progressive Age orthodoxy, 'soft' incentives do not matter, even to the so-called Middle Class. That is ignorant.

And that's why the 'consumer spending strike' in the U.S. will not end soon. In response to their thuggery, we are going Galt.

When the business-political climate gets purged of the hostility to wealth creation, we will start acting like normal Americans again. We can wait.

Are we Progressive yet?

Today is Barack Obama's big day -- the first set of elections around the country since he became President.

On the campaign trail, the President has gone bitter and defensive, claiming to be mopping up the mess left to him by Republicans. He mocks the critics who call out his spread-the-wealth policies by conjuring a 'Socialist mop'. Even though the Reid-Pelosi-Bush-Obama regime has been at it for three years.

Do you really know what is Socialism is? Where it came from? Why does being a Progressive always have to be all about using forceful thuggery to plunder liberty?

HT: America - Stand Up!: Motivating America to Preserve & Defend the United States.
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