Coming Soon: Collision with reality

Disturbing progressive metaphor in Rio

Here's a short video-metaphor for the ObamaCare bill that Democrats are advancing in the U.S. Congress for the President's signature.

The best-kept secret in Washington, D.C. is that ObamaCare is designed to maximize union-dues flow for jumbo healthcare unions like SEIU. That way they can kick it back to Obama Dems for election campaigns against would-be free-market Republicans. Know as P2P, it's the way political power is allocated among pro-union Democrats. Other provisions of ObamaCare receive more attention, but they are, in fact, secondary.

Reid and Pelosi are driving the Obama Bus, in a big hurry. Uh oh. Why are they lurching so hard to the left? They are way over the line! This is not going to work out!

The predictable results: a very unhealthy collision with reality. In this case, it was sooner instead of later. Would we be so fortunate.

Valerie Jarrett overwhelms Truth with Power

Who is Barack Obama's 'senior advisor' Valerie Jarrett?

Stop Valerie Jarrett is a project of Americans for Limited Government and NetRightNation.com.
via thespectrum.com: "Senior White House adviser and Obama consigliere Valerie Jarrett is a Daley loyalist who worked as his deputy chief of staff, deputy corporation counsel and planning commissioner. She hired the future first lady of the United States, then-Michelle Robinson, as a mayoral assistant. Jarrett went on to serve as president and CEO of The Habitat Company, a real estate firm with a massive stake in federally funded Chicago public housing projects.

One of those public-private partnerships, the Grove Parc Plaza Apartments, was run into the ground under Jarrett's watch. Federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex a bottom-of-the-barrel 11 on a 100-point scale. "They are rapidly displacing poor people, and these companies are profiting from this displacement," Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle of Southside Together Organizing for Power, a community group that seeks to help tenants stay in the same neighborhoods, told the Boston Globe last year.

Coincidentally enough, Grove Parc - now targeted for demolition as a result of years of neglect - sits in the shadows of what would have been the city's 2016 Olympic Stadium. Jarrett served as vice chair of Chicago's 2016 Summer Olympics bid committee before moving to the White House, where she has helmed a new "White House Office on Olympic, Paralympic and Youth Sport" with an undisclosed budget and staff."

via HotAir: "Credit CNN here. Not only did Campbell Brown follow up with a question about MSNBC after this sorry hack went into Fox-bashing mode but CNN.com actually posted a write-up noting her lame retreat when confronted. Say, did you know that the White House is “calling everybody out,” not just Fox News? Keep watching those Sunday morning chat shows; I’m sure Axelrod and Emanuel will be on again soon to lay out their arguments against CNN and MSNBC. The money line? “We’re going to speak truth to power.” The ultimate expression of self-righteous victimhood, offered here by … a senior advisor to the most powerful man on earth."

Transcript via Newsbusters:

VALERIE JARRETT, SENIOR WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR: What we’re saying is is that we want the public to understand what’s going on. When we saw the kind of distortions this summer, particularly directed at seniors, over health care reform, it was really outrageous. And I think what the president said in his message before Congress is we’re going to speak directly to the American people and make sure that they understand the truth. And so, certainly, if we see somebody distorting the truth, we’re going to call them on the carpet for that. But we don’t want to take our focus away from the core issues that are so important to the American people. Now, when there’s all that chatter and distortion and false information, we have to disseminate — we have to distinguish between truth and fiction.

CAMPBELL BROWN, CNN: So do you think Fox News is biased?

JARRETT: Well, of course they’re biased. Of course they are.

BROWN: Well, then do you also think that MSNBC is biased?

JARRETT: Well, you know what, this is, this is the thing. I don’t want to — actually, I don’t want to just generalize all Fox is biased or that another station is biased. I think what we want to do is to look at it on a case-by-case basis. And when we see a pattern of distortion, we’re going to be honest about that pattern of distortion.

BROWN: But you only see that at Fox News. That’s all, that you’ve only spoken out about Fox News.

JARRETT: That’s actually not true. I think that what the administration has said very clearly is that we’re going to speak truth to power. When we saw all the distortions in the course of the summer, when people were coming down to town hall meetings and putting up signs that were scaring seniors to death. When we’ve seen commercials go up on television that are distorting the truth, we’re, we’re actually calling everybody out. So, this isn’t anything that’s simply directed at Fox. We really just want the American people to have a clear understanding. There’s so much at stake right now. We really don’t have a lot of time for nonsense and distortions. The American people are also smarter than that. Let them reach their own judgments based on the facts. Let’s just take health care, for example. Reasonable people could differ about the right approach. So let’s have a conversation about that. Let’s not scare people by telling them that things are going to happen that are actually not even on the table. Let’s just talk about the facts.

Behind Closed Doors

Update: The Chicago Way

The result of the 2008 Presidential election was going to be the Legislature taking over the Executive Branch. Whether it was Obama or McCain.

These folks did such a good job with the Congress they deserved to have the Oval Office, right?

So we picked Barack Obama out of the South Side and we got Rahm Emanuel. They brought in David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett. Now it's The Chicago Way. Why is anybody so surprised?

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Green power kills

Environmentalist hoax?

What are the odds this wildlife threat is tied to a General Electric-NBC tax-subsidy from a government 'smart-growth' or 'clean-energy' program?

Walk a Day in Barack Obama's shoes

Chicago sends its top talent to Washington, D.C.

U.S. Sen. Roland Burris was appointed by disgraced Illinois ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich to take Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat.

Conversations recorded by law enforcement authorities between Blago and SEIU big Tom Balanoff turned up typical SEIU 'Pay to Play' politics.

Thus, although scandal clouded the Burris appointment, Blago took the fall and became a TV celebrity. Balanoff skated and moved on the bigger and better (see: 'Purple People Beaters: Welcome to Chicago, Oct. 26).

Sen. Burris is now one of the ACORN 7.

Here, Sen. Burris asks penetrating questions and makes cogent points at a Senate Committee hearing.

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