Obama riding the swine

Government takeover of medicine has been on the leftwing agenda ever since socialism reared its ugly head in the mid 1800's. Yes, this same drama has been playing for about 150 years. No wonder it's so exhausting. As everyone knows, rust never sleeps.

Now Team Obama can smell the passage of something/anything ... that will enable them to rake in more SEIU union-dues for politics. The war room is churning madly. They will do whatever it takes to get this sucker enacted and notch another victory over the failed free-market system of the past.

So do watch them wave around their magic wand. Do not keep your eye on the coin.

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America's Job-Killer Act

EFCA: Card Check v. Private Ballots

What's in a name? When it comes to Congress, the name chosen for a bill is meant to help disguise who gets punished.

Take the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. A whole lot has been said and written about the concept of private ballots and the other provisions. TUN's Video Gallery post of nineteen (19) refreshing views of EFCA up to last spring is: here ... with folks coming at it from many angles.

At that time, the power represented by this burst of creative energy in the face of outright union thuggery did put Team Obama on its heels. Despite the lip-service to union bigs, they now appear to recognize that enactment of the Job-Killer Act ought to wait until the job market shows some improvement. And that's unlikely -- until the current leadership is replaced. So there.

Keeping the wolves at bay, the Free Enterprise Alliance at Associated Builders and Contractors offers this most excellent short video. It details EFCA's fascistic particulars and nuances, in a refreshing manner accessible to not only rank-and-file union members, but also to regular employees and the typical American voter alike. Very well done.

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Epilogue: While the union thugs are restrained (nod, nod, wink, wink) by Obama's strangled job economy, the threat of EFCA has turned it into a Trojan Horse for The Chicago Way. Because while energy is well-organized against EFCA, it remains less organized against the onslaught launch of Team Obama's New Progressive Era.

While EFCA pends, we've had faux-Stimulus, bailouts, mind-boggling deficits, ObamaCare, untransparency-by-czars, Apology Tours, Chávez, Iran, Russia, Honduras, etc. shoved down our collective throats (and we don't know the half of it). The U.S. is lurching Left so fast that the planet's wobble may throw us into a new Ice Age or Interglacial Melt. Or something other than what it is right now. And that would not be good.

Worst of all, the D.C. bigs' typical plunder of 'the little guy' goes into hyperdrive when we are all so dazzled and dizzied by Team Obama's well-laid distractions. That's not hope and change America can believe in.

Let's get to know SEIU

Who is Craig Becker? He is a union attorney for SEIU and AFL-CIO ... Barack Obama's controversial appointee for a 5-year term to the National Labor Relations Board.

After the U.S. Senate OK'd Becker last week -- without a hearing -- GOP maverick Sen. John McCain placed a procedural 'hold' on the nomination. Why is Craig Becker controversial? Because of his extreme views favoring union bigs' power over employees' workplace rights.

Becker also holds that the NLRB is not accountable to the U.S. Congress. "He is going to be pushing the other Democrats on the Board in a very radical direction ..."

Watch this video from breitbart.tv for an update.

A Time for Choosing

President Barack H. Obama held out hope and change for an America tired of Big Government Republican leadership. He gave plenty of really good speeches to win over the electorate.

But non-affiliated voters finally caught on to his act this summer and turned strongly against President Obama in opinion surveys. The President hasn't yet hurt the Dems who voted for him in a way they can feel it ... but once he does, many of them will catch on, too.

Voters are already tired of an overexposed TOTUS continually spewing not-believable, canned Jon Favreau blather. And that 'folksy' twang or drawl he puts on for certain audiences? Puh-leeze.

Ultimately, how many really good speeches measure up against seasoning, wisdom, executive experience, and good judgment? Yes, this was asked during the campaign by some forgettable extremists but it didn't seem to matter then in a campaign against a luke-warm Republican with poor judgment. Huh.

Can you imagine Obama ever making a speech like this one, delivered on this day 45 years ago?

No Cap and Trade - Stop the Madness

Just like with ObamaCare, union bigs are all hopped up about wringing new dues income from the so-called 'Green Jobs' so-called movement. That's what Van Jones' job was all about.

Of course, the proponents always neglect to mention that it's all a big bailout of wealthy corporations like General Electric-NBC, paid-for by piling higher energy costs on 'the little guy'.

Can they really get away with this scheme? Only if they quell infighting -- because they have the votes to do whatever they want. Can they be divided by a well-organized opposition operating under the free-speech protections of the First Amendment? Yes. This came in yesterday from Jeff Davis at Minnesota Majority:
Today we announced the formation of a a new coalition of organizations that have joined forces to fight cap-and-trade. While current coalition members are from Minnesota, we believe this has the potential to become a national coalition movement. We are launching a new statewide advertising campaign in conjunction with today's announcement. You can view the 60 second spot here:

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