Government Cable

In a rush to boost Fox News Network ratings, the crafty Obama Adminstration is using a predictable Progressive foible - cracking down on dissent - to suck bandwidth away from bad news about its failing ObamaCare initiative.

Team Obama's 'Chicago Mob', featuring David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emanuel, is quite adept at misdirection. And SEIU operatives are drooling over the coming dues-flow from ObamaCare.

Deficits for Dummies

The general public's horror at the exploding federal debt - a direct result of irresponsible overspending during the Reid-Pelosi-Bush/Obama years - is more terrible news for the current Administration. Better to create some disturbances so the MSM won't cover the management failure.

Teachers-unions heart ACORN

Bertha Lewis, new Chief Organizer for the tax-funded, union-backed fraud group called ACORN, introduces American Federation of Teachers big Randi Weingarten. These sisters share a love for Barack Obama, ACORN, the Working Families Party, and much, much more.

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