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Obama: H8s Middle Class, finds Alinsky, shames U.S., sets record, rekindles failed policies, rallies Angercrats, hearts Van Jones, hubristic, fascistic, communistic, Marxist, mobbed-up, hearts SEIU thugs, social justice fraud.

Mismanagement: News unionism, Motor City workers freed, more ACORN, can't stop insanity.

International: Putin stiffs Progs, Sandinistas for life.

Why Obama H8s the Middle Class ... We are in no way the first to point this out, but this Obama administration strategy is taken directly from the pages of Chicago community organizer Saul Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals. It identifies thirteen rules for progressive activists including, “The thirteenth rule: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Explaining just how far progressives must be willing to go to marginalize their “enemies” Alinsky explains a few pages later: "Many liberals during our attack on the then-school superintendent, were pointing out that after all he wasn’t a 100 percent devil, he was a regular churchgoer, he was a good family man, and he was generous in his contributions to charity. Can you imagine in the arena of conflict charging that so-and-so is a racist bastard but then diluting the impact of the attack with qualifying remarks such as, “He is a good churchgoing man, generous to charity and a good husband”? This becomes political idiocy." And then in his final chapter, Alinsky reveals what progressives really think of the average American: “Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and way of life of the middle class. They have stigmatized it as materialistic, decadent, bourgeois, degenerate, imperialistic, war-mongering, brutalized, and corrupt. They are right.” (opposingviews.com)

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Obama's playbook found ... At one time, the fine imposed on any Pittsburgh Steeler was $25,000 if he ever did the unthinkable: lose the playbook. You see, if an opponent gets your playbook, he will know exactly what to expect from you. Fortunately, the nation now has Obama’s playbook, the “Alinsky method,” as set forth in Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals. Phyllis Schafly recently summarized this book in the following manner: “Saul Alinsky’s world view was that the United States is an oppressive and racist society where most people (the Have-Nots) are the victims of economic injustice with a future of despair. He wanted a radical change of American’s social and economic structure, and he planned to achieve that through creating public discontent and moral confusion. His goal was not to arrive at compromise or peaceful solution; his goal was to crush the Haves and transform society.” (naplesnews.com)

Obama's Enemies List shames U.S. ... U.S. President Barack Obama is facing accusations his White House is creating an "enemies list," as administration aides step up efforts to marginalize an array of political opponents in American business and media. Senator Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican who worked for former president Richard Nixon, said Wednesday the hardball tactics employed by Obama's staff increasingly resemble those his former boss infamously used against critics in the early 1970s. "Let's not start calling people out and compiling an enemies list. Let's push the street-brawling out of the White House," Alexander said in a speech on the Senate floor. "As any veteran of the Nixon White House can attest, we've been down this road before and it won't end well. An 'enemies list' only denigrates the presidency and the republic itself." (ottawacitizen.com)

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Union-backed fraud ignored by news industry unionists ... The mainstream media were complicit in their coverage of the ACORN scandal. Their behavior was and continues to be an insult to democracy and journalistic responsibility as the Fourth Estate has ignored facts, engaged in one-sided sourcing, and avoided basic and inherently important journalistic questioning. First, there was avoidance. Some media outlets simply ignored the story. On Sept. 15, five days after the Maryland tape was released, ABC’s Charlie Gibson said, “I don’t even know about it… so you’ve got me at a loss” and said that the story might be “just one you leave to the cables.” But, Gibson was not alone in his lack of knowledge. The New York Times did not cover the story for nearly a week. On Sept. 26, Clark Hoyt, The Times’ Public Editor, acknowledged the paper’s tardiness, but insinuated that the story was lacking in facts. (biggovernment.com)

Motor City workers liberated ... Mayor Dave Bing has sent notices to 16 of 34 Detroit bargaining units to inform them that the city has terminated their contracts after no new agreements were reached. The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press report the city no longer will deduct union dues from employee paychecks. That task now is left to the unions. Unions were notified Oct. 9. Seventeen of the city's 51 bargaining units already have agreed to new contracts. (crainsdetroit.com)

Anti-corruption hero takes on union-backed social justice fraud ... A brief description of Anita’s website, which was included in the invitation, read, “ACORN is doing everything it can to intimidate Anita and others like her from telling the public what they know about ACORN. In June 2009, Project Vote and ACORN filed a lawsuit against Anita to try to get her to stop talking. The defense fund, Fight for Anita was created to help Anita with her very expensive legal fees during this crucial battle for Anita’s First Amendment rights so that she may continue to tell her brave story.” The Fight for Anita site is as direct and as straightforward as the lady is herself. Anita never wanted the publicity, legal persecution or notoriety of whistle blowing on ACORN, Project Vote and ultimately President Obama himself. owever, her innate honesty, patriotism and the very same idealism that led her to work for ACORN in the first place, also gave her the strength and courage to reject and expose the corruption, voter fraud and thuggery she saw around her. (therealitycheck.org)

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Obama sets a presidential record ... President Obama's push for health care reform during the third quarter of 2009 has seriously damaged his public standing, according to new data from the Gallup Daily tracking poll. His job approval rating dropped nine points from the second to the third quarter, from 62 percent to 53 percent. The nine-point second-to-third quarter drop is the highest Gallup has ever measured for an incumbent president during his first year in office, and among the highest quarter-to-quarter drops measured for any president at any point: "Obama's 9-point slide between quarters ranks as one of the steepest for a president at any point in his first year in office. The highest is Truman's 19-point drop between his third and fourth quarters, followed by a 15-point drop for Gerald Ford between his first and second quarters. The largest for an elected president in his first year is Bill Clinton's 11-point slide between his first and second quarters," Gallup said. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Failed policies of the past revived ... The only person who should be pleased about the president's performance is Jimmy Carter, who is on the verge of being supplanted as the least effective president in modern U.S. history. So while the liberal media's bias was more apparent last year than the tingle down Chris Matthew's leg, perhaps this year they can take a cold, hard look at the deficiencies of this administration's policies and their similarities to failed policies of the past. But who thinks this will really happen? (seminolechronicle.com)

Surge in Angercrat utopian rage tied to identity politics ... As liberal ideas have continued to lose at the polls over the last two decades, Democrats have become the party of utopian rage as they persist in replacing real political debate with effusive attacks on conservatives while promising to create an idyllic society for Americans. Barack Obama epitomized these politics when he built a movement offering hope as his main political platform. To bolster this emotionalism, Democrats have resorted almost whole-heartedly to conjuring up visions of racist conservatives opposing the first black president primarily because of his skin color. The marketplace of ideas has been stifled by identity politics. (americanthinker.com)

Van Jones scandal leads directly to Obama ... When Van Jones resigned his White House job, under fire for his pro-communist views, White House adviser David Axelrod said that Jones had himself made the decision to leave the administration. White House Senior Advisers David Axelrod, left, and Valerie Jarrett listen as President Barack Obama makes remarks about him being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, on Oct. 9, in the Rose Garden of the White House. But new documents support an opposite and obvious conclusion: Jones was pushed out because the scandal threatened to implicate Obama friend and White House adviser Valerie Jarrett who gave him a critical White House position without proper vetting. The documents which have been released are significant because they help demonstrate that Jones was indeed answerable to Obama’s inner circle. Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett had said publicly that “we” had been following Jones since his days as an activist in Oakland, California, and had “recruited him into the White House.” The “we” presumably included the President himself. (worldtribune.com)

Obama hubris comes before the fall ... Krauthammer responds to commentators arguing that America is suffering overdue, inevitable decline, saying, "For America today, decline is not a condition. Decline is a choice. Two decades into the unipolar world that came about with the fall of the Soviet Union, America is in the position of deciding whether to abdicate or retain its dominance. Decline -- or continued ascendancy -- is in our hands." And what are our leaders deciding? Krauthammer quite correctly explains, "The current liberal ascendancy in the United States -- controlling the executive and both houses of Congress, dominating the media and elite culture -- has set us on a course for decline. And this is true for both foreign and domestic policies." (spectator.org)

Obama Fascist? You decide. ... Fascism in Italy also had corporatism ingrained in is political make-up. Corporatism is usually defined as a political and economic system where individuals are organised into different groups - for example "plumbers" or "priests" - within the state, negotiating with other groups to make progress. Fascist symbols are also significant. The term derives from the "fasces" - the axe and bundle of rods used in ancient Rome - sported by Mussolini's fascists. Franco's Falangists, used arrows joined by a yoke, the symbol of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. The Nazis used a Swastika. Symbols that in some way echo these older motifs are common among some modern extremists. (news.bbc.co.uk)

We're all communists now ... Back when people were tippy-toeing around the “s” word (“socialist”), and before he was elected, I called out Obama’s basic political inclinations for what they are - communist. Though plenty pooh-poohed this, and called it extreme or unsubstantiated, there was ample proof in Obama’s own writings, his interviews, and the political leanings of his mentors (Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis), his pastor (Jeremiah Wright) and his friends. It’s absurd to hear people say now that Obama is governing differently than he campaigned. If you think that, you weren’t listening. But those who still harbor any doubts need only look at his team of “advisors.” (townhall.com)

Marxism rears its ugly head ... If President Barack Obama is a Marxist, he would be doing the following: destroying our capitalistic system by higher taxes, inflationary policies, excessive regulations; nationalizing banks and big industries; exerting more control over our energy industry through Cap and Trade; controlling the media and attempting to destroy alternative media (talk radio, Fox News, etc.); using the schools to start a cult of personality similar to Chairman Mao's; having students sing songs of praise; appearing constantly on TV and magazine covers; supporting up and coming Marxist movements, e.g. the Zelaya movement in Honduras; controlling the masses by nationalizing the health care system. (mycentraljersey.com)

Who dares to cross Obama Mob? ... So this is what "change we can believe in" done the Chicago way really looks like - Barack Obama and his White House capos muscling recalcitrant opponents and promising to crush those who don't get in line. Obama has zeroed in on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Fox News and doctors. There's nothing coincidental about this trio of targets, either: They are, respectively, the nation's most powerful business lobby, the television voice for Middle Americans worried about where Obama is taking the country, and the professional group with the greatest potential power to kill Obamacare. How the muscle is applied differs in detail from case to case, but the common message is there for all - you get in line or you pay a steep price for crossing Obama. (washingtonexaminer.com)

In your face: Obama preps recess appointments ... President Barack Obama’s rival for the White House last fall will block the confirmation of one of his nominees for the National Labor Relations Board. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, criticized Craig Becker, Obama’s choice for one of the Democratic slots on the board, at a Wednesday, October 21, meeting of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. Although the panel approved Becker and two other NLRB nominees, 15-8, McCain said that he would place a “hold” on Becker, denying him and the others a vote by the full Senate. Echoing objections from business organizations, McCain is wary of several articles that Becker has written on labor relations. McCain asserted that Becker, currently the associate general counsel for the AFL-CIO and the Service Employees International Union, would try to circumvent labor law through NLRB rulings. (workforce.com)

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SEIU hearts P2P ... Service Employees International Union (SEIU) President Andy Stern has made political power the hallmark of his career atop the largest union in the country. But now, as his unions’ role in the Blagojevich scandal becomes more apparent, Stern’s quid pro quo political power deserves a second (and third and fourth) look. In this mornings Wall Street Journal, Kris Maher and David Kesmodel begin to untangle the SEIU’s seeming too-close-for-comfort relationship with Blagojevich. (laborpains.org)

Stop the insanity ... It is time for all of us to stop the insanity. As Americans we need to rise up and tell our politicians to give us our county back, a place where hard work, savings, and decent moral standards used to mean something. So let's stop having "tea parties" and start having "poll parties." Go to the polls in the next election and vote for people that will represent you. Also, ask them, "are you willing to support term limits?" If the answer is no, find another candidate. A solution to our growing government is to stop having our elected officials make a career out of what they do. If we sever their ties every few years, we will get fresh faces, new ideas, and much less connection to the money and corruption that facilitates their re-election. (rutlandherald.com)

International Collectivism

Putin enrages Russian Progressives ... Russia's Communist Party says the country's elections chief should resign over alleged fraud. The Communists, along with two other opposition parties, protested alleged fraud in Oct. 11 local elections by walking out of the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, this month in protest, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday. Now Communist leader Gennady Zyuganov has told the Duma Vladimir Churov, chairman of the Central Election Commission, and Leonid Markelov, governor of the Volga Republic of Mari El, should resign over alleged election fraud, the news service said. (upi.com)

Aging Sandinista H8s constitution ... Few people in Nicaragua would give Daniel Ortega a new term in office, according to a poll by M&R published in La Prensa. 27.3 per cent of respondents would agree with the president’s re-election, while 63.4 per cent would oppose it. In November 2006, Ortega—a member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN)—won the presidential election with 37.99 per cent of all cast ballots. Presidential candidates in Nicaragua are not compelled to garner more than 50 per cent of the vote in order to win the election. Ortega governed from 1985 to 1990, but was a losing candidate in the 1990, 1996 and 2001 ballots. In January 2007, he was sworn in for a five-year term. Consecutive presidential re-election is currently not permitted in Nicaragua. Since 1995, presidential re-election in the Central American country is only allowed once and in non-consecutive terms. Ortega has repeatedly suggested that the five-year presidential term is too short and that the current law, enshrined in the constitution, should be revised. On Oct. 5, the opposition Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC) denounced Ortega for allegedly trying to "control" the Supreme Court in order to introduce an amendment to the Constitution that would allow him to run in the 2011 presidential election. (angus-reid.com)
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