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Obama: Max Welfare, hearts forced-labor unionists, not just wrong, holds MSM in the tank, smarter than us, hearts social justice fraud.

Mismanagement: The New Rosa Parks, NFL's DeMaurice Smith rules, Syracuse shelters Angela Davis, AFTexposed.com, NLRB picketed, unionists mop up, Congress abandons voters, Catholic teachers on strike, Illinois' fine example.

International: Striking gov't unionists go wild, life under VeneProg is not fair.

National Football Liars ... According to Limbaugh, Checketts first approached him in late May or early June about getting involved in a group of investors. "I said, 'Are you aware of the firestorm?'" Limbaugh told his radio audience, adding that Checketts had assured him, '"I would not have even asked you to be part of the group if I hadn't cleared your involvement with people at the highest levels of the National Football League.'" The NFL disputed Limbaugh's assertion, however. "We do not pre-approve prospective owners of NFL clubs and did not do so in Mr. Limbaugh's case," Greg Aiello, the NFL's senior vice president of public relations, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Thursday. "At all times we have been clear with prospective purchasers of the Rams or any other club that approval of an owner could only be granted by vote of the 32 clubs after complete financial and personal due diligence, which obviously has not taken place here." Checketts declined to comment Thursday through a spokesman. (post-gazette.com)

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Union thug drives another wedge ... Goodell says a work stoppage wouldn’t affect the retired players. This has been a point of major dispute between the NFL Players Association and retired players. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said a stoppage, even an uncapped season would affect retired player benefits. Goodell then wrote a letter to retired players advocates saying Smith’s statements had “no basis.” (bizoffootball.com)

Si Newhouse hearts Angela Davis ... Ever since her time spent in prison, Davis has committed her life to seeking social justice. "Angela Davis stood up against all the power of the government and survived," said Bill Cole, African American studies professor and department chair in a news release. "Her courage and strength was a beacon of light." Davis, a feminism scholar and civil rights activist, will hold a lecture Monday night, "Feminist Methods of Contemporary Quests for Social Justice," at the Life Sciences Complex Auditorium. She will talk about her work, life and civil rights in the future. She is currently in her second year of a three-year professorship with Syracuse University's department of women's and gender studies. (media.www.dailyorange.com)

AFTexposed.com ... When we created AFTexposed.com a few weeks ago, we paid particular attention to the American Federation of Teachers’ connection to ACORN. Randi Weingarten, the president of the AFT, had previously been the president of the United Federation of Teachers–the New York City teachers’ union. Bertha Lewis, before becoming the CEO and chief organizer of ACORN, had headed up the New York chapter of ACORN. From 2006 to 2008, ACORNcracked.com has been able to account for over $1.2 million in dues dollars from New York City teachers going to ACORN. And Weingarten earned a special recognition from ACORN earlier this summer at its 39th anniversary gala, hosted by chief AFT rival, the National Education Association. Weingarten and Lewis are so tight, Lewis introduced her “sista from another mista,” Randi Weingarten, at a Working Families Party event in 2008. You can see that here:


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Government bans Welfare Board Game ... In 1980, as young businessmen frustrated with government rules and taxes, my partner and I produced and marketed a board game called "Public Assistance: Why Bother Working for a Living?" We intended the game as a parody of government liberalism, with a special focus on the able-bodied loaferism, welfare fraud, and social chaos its domestic policies promote. Threatened by the game's popularity, embarrassed liberals successfully implemented a nationwide government plan to "remove the game from the marketplace." We'll first look at the game itself, then at the plan to ban it, and finally, at how the game and the banning of it relate directly to the goals of Barack Obama. View game board here [pdf]. (americanthinker.com)

Ugly forced-labor union bigs stiff workers ... Unionization has been the focus of a number of studies, bills and advocacy campaigns this year – and most recently a disturbing new chapter is being introduced: Union bosses ramming their agenda through government by whatever means necessary. It is clear in watching the actions of Big Labor their concerns do not rest with workers, small businesses or the state of our economy; in reality, union bosses are focused on consolidating as much power and money as possible, while their allies in government look the other way. (townhall.com)

Militant unionists picket unionist ... It's noteworthy when one of America's most ardent and well-known union supporters employed by the federal government gets picketed and accused of hypocrisy by her own union staff. And that is exactly what happened to former union attorney and current National Labor Relations Board Chairman Wilma Liebman last Wednesday. On Wednesday, NLRB Chairman Liebman spoke at San Francisco's posh Hotel Kabuki on developments in labor law. Upon her arrival, however, she was greeted by her own employees' staff union, the NLRBU, who were picketing, leafletting, and urging attendees to boycott the event. [That's right, the employees (who hear private-sector cases) at the National Labor Relations Board are unionized!] (laborunionreport.blogspot.com)

Not Evil Just Wrong ... Irish filmmaker Phelim McAleer couldn’t get Hollywood interested in his conservative answer to Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth,” so he’s trying to promote it a different way — by getting tea party protesters to turn out for thousands of screenings across the country Sunday night. McAleer is billing the multicity premiere of “Not Evil Just Wrong” as the world’s largest simultaneous film viewing, and he says the “cinematic wing of the tea party movement” is just the ticket for making it work. “This is tailored-made for the tea party movement,” says McAleer. “A small tea party is like a small theater.” To promote the film, McAleer dialed in to Wednesday’s weekly conference call for 150 tea party leaders in California. Dawn Wildman, co-coordinator of the California Tea Party Patriots, said the reaction was tremendous. (hamptonroads.com)

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Still in the tank for Obama ... The national media is rife with hacks who endorse President Obama’s socialist agenda by committing sins of omission and co-mission, a large group of protesters said this weekend outside NBC Studios in Burbank. Each with their own issue, though most fell under the umbrella of massive government spending, “Can You Hear Us Now” demonstrators also stood their ground Saturday outside CNN in Atlanta and affiliate stations of NBC, ABC and CBS across the nation. (burbankleader.com)

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White House doubts the intelligence of the American people ... The White House strategy of going after Beck & Co. is risky business, however. Anyone who has been misquoted or mischaracterized by the media -- that would be anyone in the public eye, including members of the media -- understands the impulse to set the record straight. But in this case, the White House has become the gift that keeps on giving. Every time the president or one of his spokespeople mentions Beck or Limbaugh, the latter two enjoy increased ratings and bucks. Who's the happiest man on Earth these days? Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, whose soles must rarely touch pavement. What is the White House afraid of? To the point: Just how much does the White House doubt the intelligence of the American people? (chicagotribune.com)

Shame on MSM, NFL ... "Slavery built the South. I'm not saying we should bring it back; I'm just saying it had its merits. For one thing, the streets were safer after dark." The quotation was attributed to Rush Limbaugh. He never said it. There is no tape of him saying it. There is no transcript of him saying it. After all, if he had done so at any point in the last 20 years, someone would surely have mentioned it at the time. Yet CNN, MSNBC, ABC, other networks and newspapers cheerfully repeated the pro-slavery quotation and attributed it, falsely, to Rush Limbaugh. And planting a flat-out lie in his mouth wound up getting Rush bounced from a consortium hoping to buy the St. Louis Rams. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the talk show host was a "divisive" figure, and nondivisive figures like the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson expressed the hope that, with Mr. Divisive out of the picture, the NFL could now "unify." (investors.com)

Unionists mop up ... The irony is that unions helped create the health care mess in the first place. Ever wonder why most Americans receive their health insurance through work? After all, we don't get our home or car insurance through our employers. Nor do most employers pay directly for other essentials like housing or food. Our current employer-provided health insurance dates back to World War II, when FDR's National War Labor Board tried to impose wage and price controls to stem inflation during the war boom years. But the board found it easier to impose price controls than effective wage controls since it was possible to simply shift pay increases from cash into employer-provided benefits like health insurance. Such benefits were exempt from the board's control and weren't subject to taxes, making employer-provided health insurance even more attractive. (appeal-democrat.com)

Social Justice fraud exposed ... Democrats' political ties to ACORN rightly have frayed as scandals -- voter registration fraud, helpful business advice for a supposed pimp and prostitute -- have engulfed the liberal activist group. Now, a flap in New Orleans begs the question of why any politician still would want to associate with ACORN, much less grant it public money. The firing of Beth Butler, a 37-year ACORN veteran, from her post as executive director of Louisiana ACORN by national ACORN leaders has sparked infighting that confirms that the group's real agenda -- at any level -- is more about power than about helping the downtrodden. (pittsburghlive.com)

Why FEMA hearts union-backed fraud group ... While fire safety programs certainly are a good thing, most fire departments, both paid and volunteer, operate them. Why did FEMA choose ACORN instead of sending the money to fire departments? We suspect the answer has more to do with politics than with fire safety. ACORN has become an enormously powerful special interest group, able to intimidate politicians and some private companies. Congress was right to insist that ACORN not be the beneficiary of any more taxpayers' money. Now, lawmakers should be looking into past grants, how they were used and why they were provided. (messengernews.net)

Congress: We don't need no stinkin' voters ... In fact, the real battle being waged is between Washington insiders - as represented by the congressional wing of the Republican Party - and grass-roots Americans from all walks of life throughout the country. And that, in a nutshell, points up the real fight being waged in Washington today. The congressional wing has grown alienated from the very people who sent them to Washington. (netrightnation.com)

Labor-state teachers on strike v. oppressive Diocese ... Teachers at three South Jersey Catholic high schools are hitting the picket lines, but that doesn't mean a free pass for students. Classes will are going as scheduled Monday, according to the Diocese of Camden. The teachers of the three schools announced Friday that they would go on strike because of contract negotiations that broke down between the union and diocese on Wednesday. Teachers from the three schools – Camden Catholic, Paul VI in Haddonfield and Holy Spirit in Absecon – are walking to demand more money and better benefits. (myfoxphilly.com)

Illinois union organizers lick their chops ... Families across the Southland are waiting for the counting to begin in a vote to unionize workers in a state program that funds the care of disabled residents. More than 3,000 people statewide mailed in their ballots this month. Their options were to join the Service Employees International Union, join the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees or opt for no union representation at all. The vote came after Gov. Pat Quinn signed an executive order this summer making way for organizing this group of workers. (southtownstar.com)

Time to drain the Chicago swamp ... I firmly believe as part of the reform legislation in this state, the taxpayers need to be able to recall, by the majority of voters, anyone who is "entrenched and protected" by the current law who is not working for the betterment of this state and its citizens. By saying that, it is meant to include everyone from the governor on down. Further reform would be term limits on each and every office in state government and complete transparency in officials' planning and decisions. (chicagotribune.com)

International Collectivism

Militant gov't-unionists on strike: Get ready for picket-line violence ... Police were yesterday warned to prepare for violence as this week's postal strike threatens to turn into all-out war. Tempers flared as union boss Billy Hayes accused Royal Mail bosses of "stupid" provocation by hiring 30,000 strike-breakers to sort and deliver mail. And as unions threatened legal action ministers hit out at them for risking the lives and jobs of their members by pressing ahead with the strike on Thursday and Friday. The prospect of disorder is now so high the Association of Chief Police Officers yesterday issued guidance on how to deal with industrial disputes. Senior officers fear violent scenes if strike-breakers are bussed through picket lines. (mirror.co.uk)

Firefighter strikers put lives at risk ... FIRE service bosses were today gearing up to provide emergency 999 cover for striking firefighters - who have been accused of putting lives at risk. But around 40 firefighters are understood to have decided against taking part in the strike and have told bosses they were prepared to cross picket lines outside stations. A number of firefighters not affiliated to the Fire Brigades Union have also rejected the strike.(sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk)

Friend of Hugo: Life is not fair ... Criminal charges, along with blacklisting opposition candidates, usurping municipal power and closing 32 radio stations, mark a new phase in Chávez’s 10-year rule said one senior European diplomat. “We’ve gone from calling Venezuela an imperfect democracy to an authoritarian regime with democratic characteristics,” he said. Former United States president Jimmy Carter, who has praised Chávez’s pro-poor policies and endorsed his electoral victories, recently voiced concern at the authoritarian drift. The government rejects such criticism as unfair. (mg.co.za)
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