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Obama: H8s Middle Class, subverter-in-chief, typical Chicagoan, shovels against tide, Marxist, PLA thug, hearts union political power, risible, hearts Podesta, threatens safe schools, hearts forced-labor dues.

Mismanagement: Job-Killers chafe, ACORN: Leftwing Trojan Horse, blame Hoffa, ACORN fools, unionists for corruption, NBA oppresses.

International: Monroe Doctrine fail, Obama-Putin rules, Labour Party sell-off, limits fail.

Plundering, not rebuilding, the Middle Class ... As I see it, Barack Obama was sent as the Marxist suffering messiah for a malicious movement to establish the globally controlled state -- not necessarily the Marxist reigning messiah, though he may "hope." That is, his job is to destroy free America and if necessary, go down with the ship of state. In the near future, I anticipate issuing a further exploration of this view. This being the case, all that this corrupt regime of usurpation and insurrection has to do, to be successful, is to destroy the wealth of the middle class, while building the ranks of the state-dependent and thus allegiance-compelled proletariat. That is what Marxists do. That is what George Soros does. Their behavior indicates they are dead serious about this objective. (rightsidenews.com)

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Mission Accomplished: U.S. subverted ... From the very start of Barack Obama's rather odd, meteoric rise to prominence in American politics, many of us on the conservative side voiced our suspicions that something subversive was under way. Too many strange coincidences, too many troublesome alliances, too much hype in too short a period of time all pointed to some hidden, concerted, coordinated effort to get this man into the White House in short order. We alerted you to the views of Obama's admitted mentors--such as Saul Alinsky, the 1960s radical who worked to destroy capitalism and America's form of government, and William Ayers, whose underground movement in the late 60s and 70s bombed federal buildings and vowed to murder those who staunchly defended the American way of life. Both of these strong influences on Obama adhered to the Cloward-Piven strategy, developed by 2 radical university professors in the 60s, which advocated deliberately overloading the U.S. social and economic system so that the entire thing would crash under the weight. By deliberately causing such a crash, a new order could be built in America based upon pure Marxism. (examiner.com)

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Chicago Is My Kind of Town ... Presidents Lula da Silva and Barack Obama should hold a debate on the merits of one outstanding ideological issue; Which dynamic and beautiful city - Rio de Janiero or Chicago -- has the most distinguished communist history? On this basis alone, which city should hold the next Olympics? On these questions, Obama will bury Lula da Silva. Here is the case that Obama could present for Chicago. From the 1920’s to the mid-1940’s, when Harry Truman dismantled the US Communist Party, Chicago was the capital city of US Communism. (petroleumworld.com)

Job Killers never get enough ... With Democrats in control of Congress and the White House, organized labor had hoped to be celebrating a long list of legislative successes this year. Instead, labor’s agenda has been pushed down on the priority list by the very lawmakers they helped elect, leaving some union backers frustrated. Labor is eager to win passage of a "card check" bill, a measure that would make it easier for workers to form unions, but the White House and Congress took up a Wall Street bailout plan first. In the health care debate, labor is seeking to avoid a tax on expensive health care benefits. But President Obama, who slammed the idea during the campaign, this summer indicated he might be open to such an idea. (boston.com)

Obama shoveling against the tide ... There is one thing that millions of Americans are asking from Barak Obama. Asking, pleading, demanding, or, like myself, daring him. They want the president to show them the shovels. Not an idle stockpile, but the ones that hundreds of thousands of American workers are using. In other words, show us the stimulus projects that have actually commenced. It's not hard to find lists of proposed projects for the stimulus plan. But finding a list of ongoing or completed projects, now that's another matter. Obama told us in January, back when trillion dollar measures were still an alarming novelty, that the stimulus plan was needed to keep unemployment under 8%. Now, in October, it's but 0.2% away from breaking the conspicuous 10% mark for the first time since June of 1984. And there's no logical reason to conclude that it will stop there, since the president has demonstrated an utter lack of concern in the matter. (americanthinker.com)

We don't need no stinkin' ACORN ... While there may have been a collective sigh of relief across America after the news that the Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN, it made me wonder who other Census partners were. In short, ACORN or not, the 2010 census will be an organizing tool for the American Left. Here is a partial list of other census partners, according to the Census website:
• A. Phillip Randolph Institute
• American Federation of Government Employees
• American Federation of Teachers
• Coalition of Labor Union Women
• Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
• Community Action Partnership
• Families USA
• International Brotherhood of Teamsters
• Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement
• League of Women Voters of the United States
• National Black Justice Coalition
• National Council of La Raza
• National Education Association
• Pride at Work
• Rainbow Push Coalition
• Service Employees International Union
• Southern Coalition for Social Justice
• United Workers Workforce Alliance

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Pravda: The sweet smell of Marxism in America ... You won’t believe it, I’m sure, but Russian newspaper Pravda (yeah, the former propaganda tool of the communist party) has zero appreciation for Barack Obama. Obama, the newspaper says, is trying to bring Marxism to America – and Americans are accepting it because he “radically transforms” their country with a friendly smile on his face. American Marxists, Pravda says, are smarter than their ideological brethren abroad. They understand that you can’t ram Marxism through voters’ throats the traditional way. No, you’ve got to take your time: (poligazette.com)

Thank you, President Obama ... President Barack Obama says the big problem in Washington is that politicians focus on pleasing special interests at the expense of the general public. But his curious definition of "special interests" exempts one key political force: organized labor. Even during a recession, the public is ambivalent toward organized labor. In September, a Gallup poll found that 48 percent of Americans approved of unions. This was an 11-point drop from the previous year's approval rating and the lowest recorded since Gallup started asking the question in 1936. In 2008, just 12 percent of all workers belonged to unions, and the number of unionized private-sector employees was even smaller, at 7.6 percent. So why, then, does organized labor hold more political power today than it has in decades? In part, it's thanks to Mr. Obama. (baltimoresun.com)

What, you don't want 'labor peace'? ... The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran a scathing editorial about project labor agreements (PLAs) in light of the controversy surrounding Executive Order 13502 and the government-mandated PLA on the new U.S. Department of Labor Job Corps Center in Manchester, New Hampshire (”The PLA Shakedown,” 10/11). "PLAs pervertedly are touted as giving taxpayers more bang for their buck. Union labor supposedly assures “greater quality” because “fair” wages must be paid, which promotes “labor peace” and efficiency. Actually, it’s nothing but bribery, extortion, collusion, discrimination and restraint of free trade all rolled into one putrid ball — and all sanctioned by the government you bankroll. A Beacon Hill Institute analysis convincingly debunks the shibboleth of PLAs buying “labor peace”; there were no examples of significant work slowdowns or cost overruns in the Bush administration, during which PLAs were discouraged. But there are multiple studies that show PLAs grossly inflate project costs up to 20 percent. The same Beacon Hill study concludes that had such agreements been in place in 2008, the cost of federal construction projects (each exceeding $25 million) would have increased by as much as $2.6 billion. There are no convincing arguments for project labor agreements. And using them to tap the public purse to pay off an ever-shrinking minority — organized labor — in an attempt to bolster it for political gain should be a criminal offense. (thetruthaboutplas.com)

Comic Relief ... Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell may have been "delighted" that President Obama was awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize, but his ticket-mate, attorney general candidate Ken Cuccinelli, feels a little differently. "Well, it's official, the Nobel Peace Prize is officially meaningless," Cuccinelli opened his Cuccinelli Compass newsletter to supporters Friday. He went on to quote commentator John Podhoretz about what Cuccinelli termed the "Nobel hilarity." Podhoretz argued that the win is not surprising because Obama represents the Nobel committee's highest ideals because he is "an American President queasy about the projection of American power." (voices.washingtonpost.com)

Astroturf update: New Prog Podesta stages Potemkin Village for ACORN-Care ... Who unveiled Doctors for America earlier this spring? No, not ordinary citizens outside the Beltway. The decidedly un-grassroots sponsors of DFA's launch were Democrat Sen. Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and the left-wing Center for American Progress (CAP), which is underwritten by far-left billionaire George Soros. The center is a lead organization in the Health Care for America Now (HCAN) coalition, the so-called "grassroots" lobbying group for Obama's health care takeover legislation. CAP/HCAN's most recent initiative? Busing protesters to the private homes of health care executives to bully them over the public option -- even as many health care executives line the pockets of Obama administration officials and allies lobbying on their behalf. It's all in keeping with the elaborate Kabuki productions that have marked Team Obama's efforts to manufacture support for government-run health care. They've been doctoring it up from Day One. (pittsburghlive.com)

Blame the the New Boss ... Popular during the Carter years was a "survivalist" publication called Ruff Times. The end was near to the American way of life, according to Howard Ruff. It was time to head for the hills. The only person who could put a stop to the bumbling incompetency of Jimmy Carter's presidency was Ronald Reagan. Where Carter failed, Obama is trying to fail even worse. The United States is teetering ever closer to bankruptcy, banks and car companies are subject to de facto nationalization, and soon there will be some sort of nationalization of health care. Howard Ruff is back in vogue these days and deservedly so. The reason: Obama is determined to ruin everything before he can be voted out of office. He promotes change, and the change we are given is a return to the Jimmy Carter years of malaise with no hope until he is voted out. There are some differences between the ‘70's and today. Teamsters would have "straightened out" a young Barack Obama; now they vote for him. The stigma of drug use is no longer a disqualifier for the highest office of the land. To the media, Bill Clinton -- the one who didn't inhale -- himself is a gateway drug for BHO. And the Republican Party tries to score debate points while watching their country get hijacked. Somebody slap me because I saw this all once before. Believe me, it doesn't work. (americanthinker.com)

What's up with the NEA's Safe Schools Czar? ... No one is attacking Kevin Jennings for being gay. People are after Kevin Jennings for being a supporter of pedophilia advocates and NAMBLA supporters. People are after Kevin Jennings for encouraging a sexual relationship between a fifteen year old boy and a grown man who solicited the kid in a bus station bathroom. People are after Kevin Jennings for being named “Safe Schools Czar” while under the believe that schools cannot be safe as long as the Boy Scouts of America are allowed to meet in public schools. People are after Kevin Jennings because he believes kindergardeners should be taught about gay sex. People are after Kevin Jennings not because of who he is, but because of what he has and is advocating — a complete rejection of common decency in favor of the most radical aspects of the gay agenda including, but not limited to, man-boy sex. It is pathetic that we even have to write about such topics here, but that is what it has come to, thanks to Barack Obama’s open mind, so open that all decency and perversion are treated as just equally acceptable non-conflicting alternatives. All decency, that is, except traditional American values. (redstate.com)

Out-of-state union cash colors Washington ballots ... Labor unions have contributed nearly a million dollars to defeat Tim Eyman's Initiative 1033 in the final days before a ban on large contributions takes effect, filings with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission show. If passed, I-1033 would limit government spending—and ultimately cut property taxes—but devastate state, county, and municipal budgets, thereby decimating funds for education and healthcare. Tomorrow is the deadline for campaign contributions over $5,000. Two reports filed yesterday with the state show $1.37 million in contributions just this month to the No On 1033 campaign. The biggest contributions come from the largest two unions in the country—the National Education Association and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees AFL-CIO—which each gave $200,000. The donations bring the groups' aggregate contributions to the campaign to $334,775 and $329,519, respectively. The Service Employees International Union State Council also gave $152,500 in the most recent filing with the state, bringing the SEIU's contributions up to $290,000. (slog.thestranger.com)

Union-backed fraud group takes us for fools ... This is an update on a story about a company in South Carolina named Smosska that I covered back in July. At this point, it seems beyond question that Smosska is a sham organization that was set up by ACORN in order to hide “community activism” behind a false front in South Carolina. Back in July I reported on a corporation that swept into Florence, South Carolina promising all sorts of new jobs with wonderful new benefits. Naturally none of these jobs have materialized. Looking into this Smosska, Corp. proves that the company is a sham group formed to serve the needs of the criminal ACORN organization. Well, for an update, it looks like this sham company is getting served with an eviction notice. "Holcombe Land Development officials say they filed eviction papers against the Smosska company on September 23. HLD officials tell News 13 that they filed the eviction papers after failing to receive rent payments from Smosska. They say they received a prorated payment on July 10, when the company moved in to the the office. They also received a bad check for August rent on August 25. HLD officials say that Smosska did not make any other rent payments." (therealitycheck.org)

Unionists rally behind 'corruption Governor' ... Gov. Jon S. Corzine has rekindled his romance with the state's unions. Despite off and on bickering through his first term, the ex-Wall Street titan was hailed last week as a savior of labor at an AFL-CIO convention in Atlantic City that featured Vice President Joe Biden. There were hugs, cheers and unity. "Good morning brothers and sisters," Corzine said, addressing some 400 delegates. "I like standing with the men and women of this room, better than any place I could be, anywhere." (courierpostonline.com)

Shame on oppressive NBA ... At the moment, the NBA -- in a contract dispute with the refs -- is using replacements to officiate preseason games, and when the regular season begins later this month, it will continue to use replacements. The NBA also locked out the referees for 68 days in 1995. This time around, if necessary, the league will lock them out for 68 weeks. The regular refs need to know two things: 1. You have no leverage. 2. You can't outduel David Stern -- it's like trying swap spit with an alligator. The NBA and refs' union are at odds mainly over pension, retirement and severance packages. (sportsillustrated.cnn.com)

International Collectivism

We don't need no stinkin' Monroe Doctrine ... Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa announced on Saturday he would travel to Russia in late October to explore agreements related to Ecuador’s defense industry. "We are going to go to Russia to open new markets and establish mechanisms of cooperation in the area of defense," Correa said in a televised address. "We need to recover the operational capacity of our military." (examiner.com)

Obama, Putin on the same page ... Russia's economy will shrink by 7.5% in 2009, President Dmitry Medvedev has said - but claimed Kremlin intervention had prevented a worse decline. (news.bbc.co.uk)

Reversal of Fortune: Lastditch leftwing selloff ... British Prime Minister Gordon Brown plans to announce a sale of government assets aimed at raising 3 billion pounds ($4.8 billion), his office said Sunday. Nonfinancial assets to be sold over the next two years include the Channel Tunnel rail link, the Dartford bridge and tunnel crossing the River Thames, betting company the Tote, and the government's 33 percent stake in European uranium consortium Urenco. Brown is due to make the announcement in a speech Monday. Downing Street released details Sunday. He also plans to say that local governments will sell off another 13 billion pounds ($21 billion) in assets. The money will help finance capital investment and pay down debt, his office said. (washingtonexaminer.com)

We don't need no stinkin' term limits ... Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only American President to serve more than two terms; he was voted in on four occasions, although he was in office for less than three months following his fourth victory at the polls before dying of a cerebral haemorrhage. Thereafter, in 1951, the twenty-second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution limited American presidents to two terms. After the Latin republics’ experience with caudillos, term limits were written in to most of the South American constitutions as well. It is something, however, which has not sat well with some of the current generation of presidents. Those most tempted by the narcotic of continued office tend to be either to the left or the right of democratic. The best known example is that of President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, who after losing a referendum on constitutional reform which included a provision about abolishing the two-term restriction, went back to the people with a reformulated proposal which they then approved. His left-wing compadres in the hemisphere have moved in the same direction, and on the other side of the political divide, so has President Uribe of Colombia. (stabroeknews.com)
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