Friday wrap

Obama: Hearts unsustainability, stiffs social justice group, concerns seniors, wows ex-capitalists.

Mismanagement: Forced-dues trump democracy, Job-Killers expand, GOP fail, NEA deceives, ACORN treason, limits suck, Bertha Lewis fail, social justice fraud reported, Governator fail.

International: Che's just desserts.

Flagrant unsustainability defines Obama ... The US budget deficit hit a record $1.4 trillion in the year to 30 September, US Congress estimates say. Analysts had predicted a $1.6tn deficit but revised the estimate, which comes after the end of the US financial year. The deficit was equal to 9.9% of gross domestic product (GDP) - more than treble the 2008 level and the highest since the end of World War II. (news.bbc.co.uk)

Disgraced Social Justice group loses out to Firefighter unionists ... Obama administration officials said Wednesday there is no chance that ACORN will get a Homeland Security grant it was awarded last month because of a provision in a bill signed into law last week prohibiting any federal funding to the controversial group. Several members of Congress said they were pleased that ACORN will not get the money, which would have come from funding typically earmarked for fire departments across the country, but they questioned why it had been awarded to ACORN in the first place. At least one also still wants official assurance of a permanent withdrawal of the $997,402 fire safety grant. (firerescue1.com)

Will abuse democracy for forced-dues ... A trade group for U.S. airlines urged the National Mediation Board in a letter this week to make it easier for airline workers to decertify a union, if the panel makes it easier for workers to approve a union. The issue is at the heart of a dispute involving the world's biggest airline operator, Delta Air Lines Inc. Unions that represent flight attendants and ground workers who worked for Northwest Airlines before it was bought by Delta want the NMB to allow unions to be elected to represent workers at the combined carrier based on a majority of those who vote. The current rule requires a majority of the entire work group to vote for a union for it to be certified. That means not voting is tantamount to voting 'No.' (nytimes.com)

Job-Killers aim beyond small-business ... The perils of the so-called Employee Free Choice Act are well known: it’s a job killer that tramples workers’ rights and threatens small businesses. Equally well known are the motives behind the act: special interest union leaders are spending millions to change the way workers organize, a move that would dramatically increase their size and political clout. But while EFCA watchers have kept their sights set on Congress, it seems a parallel scheme is afoot in an obscure federal agency that oversees labor relations for air and railway workers. (republicans.edlabor.house.gov)

We don't need no stinkin' seniors ... Democrats have a senior citizen problem. Frustrated older Americans are packing the town halls on health care. They are incredibly passionate about their Medicare benefits. Polls show senior citizens largely disapprove of health care reform ideas so far. And of course, they vote — in larger numbers than any other demographic. But so far, Democrats have focused much of their health care sales pitch on middle-class Americans and the uninsured — a slight that has been noticed by senior citizens, who hold great influence with members of Congress. (news.yahoo.com)

Try it, you'll like it ... President Barack Obama hosted another in a series of private lunches with company chieftains Thursday, part of an intensified effort to close rifts with the business sector over White House interventions in the private sector. The meeting brought together chief executives Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com Inc.; Lew Hay of FPL Group Inc.; Antonio Perez of Eastman Kodak Co. and Irene Rosenfeld of Kraft Foods Inc. (online.wsj.com)

GOP reaches out to ACORN-SEIU-WPF ... Incredibly, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, is throwing its money and resources behind Scozzafava. And what kind of Republican is Scozzafava? She favors unlimited abortion rights. She favors Big Labor's Card Check. She favors government bailouts like the Troubled Asset Relief Program. She favors more government spending. She also favors higher taxes, but doesn't appear to get in a hurry about paying them, as earlier this year there were multiple liens against her companies for $192,000 in unpaid state and federal taxes. There is something else about Scozzafava - she has repeatedly run for the New York Legislature with the endorsement of ACORN's Working Families Party. If you know anything about the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, you know the WFP was established to give the most far-left fringe candidates a comfortable place on the ballot. In other words, if she is elected, Scozzafava's voting record in Congress likely will be at least as extreme as that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Shame on deceitful teachers' union ... There are 12 organizations listed as Kansas partners of Health Care for America NOW! Local supporters, according to HCAN, include ACORN Kansas, the Kansas City branch of the SEIU, the Kansas Young Democrats, the Kansas Organization of State Employees — and the Kansas National Education Association, which is listed as a member of the group's steering committee. Menzel said she was not aware that the KNEA was in any way involved with Health Care for America NOW! and didn't think that the KNEA belonged on the list. “I didn't know we were on that list," Menzel told Kansas Liberty. "That must be an error. We are not a partner." But a spokesperson for Health Care for America NOW! said the KNEA listing is no mistake. (kansasliberty.com)

Union-backed, tax-funded treason exposed ... I am aware that ACORN has done many good things for very needy people, but that's what makes the actions of the organization's leadership so disgusting. To hide their wrongful acts behind a smoke screen of community service is treasonous. The organization should be dismantled and its leadership tried for their actions, the least of which is destroying the public trust. We should never accept a little bad for a little good. That is called blackmail. (dailypress.com)

Must. Defeat. Limits. ... Next month, Washington state voters will consider Initiative 1033, which would limit the growth of government general fund revenue to a rate tied to population and inflation. The latest poll shows the measure leading 45%-32%, with 22% undecided. It’s hardly surprising that the teachers’ union is leading the opposition. In an off-year, we would normally expect huge wads of national money to be flowing into Washington from NEA headquarters. (eiaonline.com)

Bertha Lewis losing it ... The New York Times reports that Bertha Lewis, ACORN’s chief executive, lashed out at her group’s critics on Tuesday, decrying their investigation efforts as nothing more than “modern-day ACORN McCarthyism.” Sen. Mike Johanns (R., Neb.) tells NRO that Lewis’s comments are “simply wrong.” “I’d remind Ms. Lewis that her employees were caught on tape advising how to get minor children into the United States for participation in the sex trade,” says Johanns. “Her employees have been caught counseling on how to avoid the IRS code. They have had problems with voter fraud in state after state after state. This is not a right-wing effort, but a bipartisan one that has been brought up in the House and in the Senate.” (corner.nationalreview.com)

ACORN: Social Justice fraud ... The organization can no longer be effective in achieving its goal of social justice and stronger communities. ACORN -- the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now -- touts itself as "the nation's largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities." And perhaps it is. But ACORN can no longer be effective at achieving its goals. The organization is so mired in scandal it will never recover. (union-bulletin.com)

Still crazy after all these terms ... Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has advocated changes to the state’s legislative term limits law in the past, called California’s term limit laws “crazy” Thursday. Schwarzenegger made his remarks in San Francisco at a speech to the Association of Community College Trustees’ Leadership Congress. (capitolweekly.net)

International Collectivism

Che got what he deserved ... Forty two years ago today, Ernesto "Che" Guevara got a major dose of his own medicine. Without trial he was declared a murderer, stood against a wall and shot. Historically speaking, justice has rarely been better served. If the saying "What goes around comes around" ever fit, it's here. "When you saw the beaming look on Che's face as the victims were tied to the stake and blasted apart by the firing squad," said a former Cuban political prisoner, to your humble servant, "you saw there was something seriously, seriously wrong with Che Guevara." As commander of the La Cabana execution yard, Che often shattered the skull of the condemned man (or boy) by firing the coup de grace himself. When other duties tore him away from his beloved execution yard, he consoled himself by viewing the slaughter. Che's second-story office in La Cabana had a section of wall torn out so he could watch his darling firing-squads at work. (americanthinker.com)
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