Sunday wrap

Obama: Clueless, Olympian epic fail, hearts Job-Killers, hearts OPM.

Mismanagement: ACORN-SEIU abandons Big Easy, Ugly ACORN exposed, taxpayers heart SEIU, AFSCME, labor extortion revealed, ACORN demands paid sick leave - sick or not, CNN fail.

International: VeneProg disgraced by protesters, smells like thug spirit, Gordon Brown fail.

Obama can't find a clue ... In his weekly radio and Internet video address Saturday, Mr. Obama linked one of his biggest challenges - joblessness - with passage of far-reaching changes to the nation's health care system. If aspiring entrepreneurs are able to stay insured while switching jobs, Mr. Obama said, they will start new businesses and hire workers. The unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent in September, the highest since June 1983, as employers cut far more jobs than expected. The government reported Friday that the economy lost a net total of 263,000 jobs last month, from a downwardly revised 201,000 in August. (washingtontimes.com)

Autopsy of Obamas' Epic Fail ... Of course Barack and Michelle Obama failed in Copenhagen. Their strategy could not possibly succeed. In their academic arrogance, they thought they could sell a product they clearly do not believe in (the United States) and moreover, they could do so by stressing the benefits to the seller (Chicago) and not the buyer (the IOC). And to top it off, they committed the faux pas of talking too much about the sales force (themselves) and not about the product or the buyer. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? (americanthinker.com)

ACORN-SEIU abandons New Orleans


ACORN's ugly secrets exposed ... All of ACORN's foot soldiers are poor and almost exclusively black or Hispanic. Yet the entire power structure of ACORN is made up of white upper- and middle-class people. In fact, ACORN'S entire management committee of 11, except for one man, is white. They too are either wealthy or middle class. This has created a plantation mentality where rich whites tell poor blacks how to better themselves. The group presenting itself as the last bastion for the poor actually being run by wealthy white folks is certainly not an image that ACORN seeks to project. ACORN's own leadership has profited handsomely from the poverty racket. Researchers have uncovered millions of dollars in unpaid federal income and local property taxes, with 230 tax liens filed against many of its affiliates around the country. (pittsburghlive.com)

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Job-Killers rule U.S. ... In the weekly Republican address, Rep. Candice Miller of Michigan said the original Obama-backed economic stimulus package fell far short of its goals. She criticized a House-passed energy bill that would set limits and costs on greenhouse gas emissions. The plan, which the Senate has not taken up, "would increase electricity bills, raise gasoline prices and ship more American jobs overseas," Miller said. She called for deeper tax cuts for small businesses so the economy can get back on track. "Washington Democrats' job-killing agenda makes me think they're living on a different planet from the families living in America's suffering heartland," Miller said. (sfexaminer.com)

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Taxpayers foot the bill for SEIU, AFSCME ... The Missouri General Assembly thought so little of the supposed need for this new council that it declined to fund it this past April. No matter. In post-election finance reports, it was disclosed that the Service Employees International Union spent more than $936,000 to bankroll the proposition campaign — including more than half that amount simply to collect names to put the issue on the ballot. SEIU and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees are just a court decision away from adding 13,000 workers to the union rolls — a number topping that of any other health care union in the state. In return, we have this to look forward to: The new home care workers union will be empowered to bargain for wages and benefits. Taxpayers in the state of Missouri will pick up the costs of any increases, because these workers are hired by patients but paid for by Medicaid. And health care costs in general likely will rise, propelled higher by wages not set in the marketplace, but in an effort led by the unions, who think they know best how to spend tax dollars. (stjoenews.net)

Big Labor extortion exposed ... There's another reason the unions want card check: They might not be able to win without it. A recent Rasmussen poll shows why. The poll demonstrates that while 47 percent of union members think other employees want to join a union, that's far from the truth. In fact, Rasmussen reports, only 9 percent of non-union workers want to join a union. Further, Rasmussen found, "even among those who are worried about losing their jobs in the near future, only nine percent (9 percent) would like to join a union. There is also no difference in a desire for union membership between those whose firms are hiring and those who are laying people off." No wonder the unions are acting desperate. (timesdispatch.com)

ACORN Party: Sick or not, we deserve Paid Sick Leave ... "It is unfair, no one wants to get sick," Barrero said. "This is the 21st century; people should not be treated like this." No, they shouldn't, and if the City Council passes the Paid Sick Days bill introduced Aug. 20 by Councilwoman Gale Brewer (D-Manhattan), they won't be. The legislation is supported by the Working Families Party and already has 38 sponsors. It needs only 26 votes to pass and 34 to override a mayoral veto, although Mayor Bloomberg has not yet taken a position on this issue. Despite its urgency, the chances of it being voted on before the Nov. 3 election are slim. The new law would mandate businesses with more than 10 employees to give workers nine annual paid sick days. Smaller businesses would give their workers five annual sick days. (nydailynews.com)

CNN pimps CP-USA ... Yet CNN focused their story on the "little communist candidate who could," Rick Nagin. There was not even the hint of any skepticism from the CNN reporter about touting communism as a viable alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. Indeed, if you watched Costello's report, you got the idea that communism was as American as apple pie. Kind of like Nagin's concluding quote: "I consider myself to be a very patriotic American. I love this country." That's nice. Swell. I bet Stalin liked his country too even though he killed 30 million of his fellow citizens. And I'm sure Chairman Mao was a big fan of China even though about 80 million Chinese are estimated to have perished "unexpectedly" during his reign. But that could never happen here, right? (dailyinterlake.com)

Obama motive exposed: Spending OPM ... No, Mr. Obama ran for the highest office in the land because of the perks that go with it: Air Force One, Camp David, rent-free living quarters, chefs, chauffeurs, valets, bodyguards, and countless modern-day equivalents of Greek slaves and Turkish janissaries. Admittedly, any number of American millionaires have planes, palatial homes, chefs, chauffeurs, valets, bodyguards, and equivalents of Greek slaves and Turkish janissaries. But none of them has the perks that only an American President enjoys. (americanthinker.com)

International Collectivism

We don't need no stinkin' Hugo Chávez ... Some 2,000 people marched across Venezuela’s capital Saturday to protest what they say is the persecution of President Hugo Chávez’s opponents. The marchers called on the Organization of American States to investigate what they consider a deterioration of human rights in the South American country. No arrests or confrontations with police were reported during the march. But Venezuelan state television said later that its reporter had been harrassed by marchers. (blog.taragana.com)

Smells like leftwing thug spirit ... ‘Nirvana’ frontman Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love reportedly has the hots for Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. She met him at a New York screening of Oliver Stone’s new documentary South of the Border last week. Their meeting occurred after Love caught the leader checking her out from across the room. Love admits being smitten, and that a romantic relationship between the two may begin. (newspostonline.com)

Labour Party: Gordon Brown's disgrace ... Most of us could not care less about the cringe-inducing embarrassment that was the Labour Party conference. However, it again highlighted something we should care quite profoundly about: and that is the hideous amount of damage these morons, sleazeballs and incompetents are capable of doing to our country before (as we must hope is the case) we boot them out of office in seven months' time. As I wrote earlier this week, their exit is not yet certain: Mr Brown is now shamelessly greasing up to the Liberal Democrats in case they can throw him a lifeline to stay in power. But the events of the past week, even if they have failed to convince Labour that it should ditch Mr Brown, should have convinced many more members of the electorate that, however wildly unimpressive the alternative, the man who has brought Britain to its knees should be shown the exit as soon as the chance arises. (telegraph.co.uk)
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