Wednesday wrap

Obama: Diagnosed with heart ailment, replays Communism, Free Valerie Jarrett!, Van Jones to reshape U.S., ruled by MOb, Czarism fail, termless, cancels ethics rules for union operatives, wastes a year, H8s 22nd.

Mismanagement: U.S. turns against union thugs, Pelosi coif fail, SEIU sickout, illegal teacher strike fail, Teamsters v. Aunt Millie, Dem P2P.

International: Global thievery unpunished, Chávez hearts Bush, endless Alvaro, Chávez blasts Israel.

Hole discovered in Obama's heart ... The Van Jones story isn't about another radical federal employee or even about President Obama's addiction to executive authority (he has appointed over 30 czars with whom he meets regularly, but he has held just one cabinet meeting since his inauguration). The Van Jones story is about our president: a man who fills the void in his emotional past with "authentic" black men who have no interior struggle for definition. President Obama has incessantly injected himself into racial matters that require no clarification (see Henry Louis Gates Jr.); he has turned every debate into a racial debate (see his 2008 campaign, which repeatedly referenced his "funny name" and the fact that he does not look like the "other presidents on the dollar bills"). He does so out of convenience -- few will argue openly about race with a prominent black man, no matter how extreme. More than that, however, he obsesses about race out of insecurity. President Obama's pathologies are playing out before us on a national stage. Unfortunately, the policies and appointees his pathologies produce are not merely wrongheaded -- they are dangerous. How much racial polarization and economic and international instability must we endure to fill the hole that Barack Obama Sr. left in his son's heart? (townhall.com)

Obama fails to learn from Communists ... The past two months have been the deadliest for U.S. troops in the entire Afghanistan war. Forty-five Americans were killed in July; 51 were killed in August. And 2009 is on track to be the deadliest year for U.S. troops in Afghanistan: 182 have been killed this year; in 2008, 155 were killed. Given these potential harbingers, it is prudent not to forget that Afghanistan played dragon slayer in the past with the Mongols, the British and the Soviets. We must learn from their mistakes -- for instance, more troops aren't necessarily the answer, as the Soviets found -- and fight Mullen's "winnable" war. As we wrote in December 2008, after his election but before he took office, "Mr. Obama must be cautious about open-ended military escalation or presence in Afghanistan." In light of today's Afghanistan, we'd make that "very cautious" and urge the President to make his best case for the continued war to the American people. (lancastereaglegazette.com)

Free Valerie Jarrett! ... In a reprise of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, President Obama acts like he didn't know his special adviser, Van Jones, was radical. But video says otherwise. The White House let Jones go after conservative Web sites and Fox News revealed his radical past, including signing a petition circulated by far-left conspiracists suggesting the government was behind 9/11. But soon after hiring Jones, top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett celebrated his appointment, along with his radical activism, before an audience of liberal Democrats. "We were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House," she gushed in a C-Span video. "We've been watching him for as long as he's been active." Jarrett, a senior White House official and close Chicago friend of the Obamas, added that they were impressed with "all the creative ideas that he has." Those creative ideas include using the green movement as a Trojan horse to socialize the entire economy. (ibdeditorials.com)

Van Jones now free to reshape America ... Perhaps you think the Van Jones appointment as a White House czar was an aberration and, now that he is gone, America will never hear from him again. Think again. His biggest fans and closest friends tell a much different story. For instance, Don Hazen, executive director of the Independent Media Institute, a "progressive" alternative media outlet heavily funded by the likes of Teresa Heinz Kerry's Tides Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation, says Jones' talents were actually wasted in the position of "green jobs czar" Barack Obama gave him. He calls Jones "arguably the most effective communicator in Democratic and progressive politics – and yes, that includes Obama." He didn't like that he was in a position where he would "have to control his tongue, and in many cases shut his mouth." "Part of what made Jones popular was telling it like it is. Jones inspired audiences, especially young people, with the notion that a radical vision, combined with innovative ideas and fundamental organizing, could work in tandem with our political system," Hazen writes. (wnd.com)

Obama furious as majority now opposes union thugs ... Praise for organized labor was fulsome as usual over the Labor Day weekend. But a poll showing public support for unions hitting an all-time low shows that Americans are seeing through the mist of deception. According to a Gallup poll taken Aug. 6-9, only 48% of Americans now approve of labor unions — a big drop from the 59% Gallup found last year. It's no coincidence that the public has also become aware of the harm that unions cause. More than half (51%) believe unions hurt the "U.S. economy in general" while only 39% believe they help. And 46% believe they hurt the companies where workers are organized, one more percentage point than those who think they help. In all three cases, the numbers are the opposite of what they had been for years. Until 2009, most Americans felt unions helped both the economy and the companies that are organized. (ibdeditorials.com)

Obama's Van Jones scandal raises serious questions ... The White House argument that they did not “vet” Van Jones because of his low level role does not add up. Van Jones was in charge of $80 billion and his role was specially created for him. All of this obfuscates the serious questions now raised: Who created this special job for Van Jones and what vetting of any sort did he get? In fact, I’m being told that Valerie Jarrett overruled objections raised by the White House Counsel’s Office and insisted Van Jones be put in that spot. Jarrett has been a cheerleader of Jones for a while, as has Michelle Obama. Specifically, I’m told the Counsel’s Office raised objections to Jones based on Jones’ past activities and associations, including with a 9/11 Truther organization. Jarrett overruled them and Jones in his job. So, the third great question is this: Does Valerie Jarrett think 9/11 Trutherism is an acceptable view point? That position would put her to the left of Daily Kos, which banned 9/11 Truthers from their site. (redstate.com)

VJa, MOb at epicenter of Van Jones scandal ... By now most of you have heard that late Saturday President Obama's outspoken "green czar," Van Jones, was forced to resign due to his repeated racist, communist and idiotic statements against American society and past presidents like George W. Bush, whom Van Jones called "a crackhead." Apparently, Van Jones was a highly touted recommendation from Valerie Jarrett, one of Barack's (and Michelle's) closet friends and senior adviser from Chicagoland. Surely the self-appointed "most transparent administration" in the history of the U.S. presidency would have done their proper due diligence in vetting this self-avowed communist and radical community organizer from the streets of Oakland, Calif., who has a law degree from an Ivy League school. … Sounds a little bit like Saul Alinsky, Barack and Michelle Obama, doesn't it? (wnd.com)

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Net conservation of Czars ... After the humiliating resignation of “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones over the weekend, a defiant President Obama named yet another czar for manufacturing policy at a Labor Day picnic on Monday. Ron Bloom, who was a member of his auto industry task force, was named as senior counselor for manufacturing policy. Bloom was in Cincinnati Monday with Obama for an afternoon announcement at an AFL-CIO Labor Day event. The Obama czars are generating controversy because, unlike other official government positions, these individual “advisers” do not have to face congressional scrutiny. They are merely named by the president and start work with huge authority over federal departments and policy but no congressional oversight. And unlike many appointees, they have the ear of the president to do his bidding. (newsmax.com)

Obama's wasted year: An autopsy ... It's about a year since Barack Obama has been at the center of US national politics, but it's probably not too early to say that his first year was wasted. It is also probably too harsh to blame the president for all of the waste. He heads a party that last did something serious in the civil rights era of the 1960s. It's hard, even for the best of leaders, to kick free of the bad influence of your peers. We all know how it all went wrong. (americanthinker.com)

We don't need no stinkin' ethics rules for union operatives ... Calling President Obama's Executive Order on Ethics for Executive Branch personnel "the strongest ethics standards in U.S. government history," White House counsel Norm Eisen on Friday announced 10 more waivers for Obama administration officials. The waivers will allow the officials to participate with persons with whom and entities with which "the appointees formerly had a professional relationship," Eisen wrote, "because there was a compelling public interest in allowing it." * Associate Deputy Secretary of Labor Naomi Walker; Walker was Director of State Government Affairs for the AFL-CIO but has been permitted to communicate with that organization because, the Obama administration decided, prohibiting her from doing so would be detrimental to the Department of Labor and the AFL-CIO's 11 million members. She is still prohibited for the next two years to participate in any matter having to do with regulations or contracts involving the AFL-CIO. (blogs.abcnews.com)

Pelosi overspends on radioactive hair ... She’s the most powerful woman in politics, but when it comes to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's hair, she finds herself lacking any power to veto a bad hair day. "Nancy said that in her next life, she would like to be able to style her own hair," said Gary Croteau, stylist at Salon Mario Russo in Boston, Mass. Not too surprisingly, as for years, Pelosi has made the salon at the Four Seasons in Georgetown her first stop every morning. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Illegal teacher strikers teach kids a lesson in collective bargaining ... Kent teachers were supposed to be in school Tuesday, preparing for the first day of class Wednesday, but instead were still on the picket line in defiance of a court order. Denisha Saucedo, a sixth-grade teacher at Kent Elementary, said it was a difficult decision between continuing to fight for smaller class sizes and defying the judge who ruled the strike that began Aug. 31 was illegal. "I became a teacher to try to make a difference," Saucedo said. After growing up in the same school district and learning in a classroom with as many as 40 students, she said she didn't want to see her students have the same experience. (seattletimes.nwsource.com)

Shameful SEIU sickout in Palo Alto ... Either Palo Alto's city workers were trying to make a point amid tense union negotiations, or they could really use a lesson in on-the-job hygiene. The city said 151 workers, or about a quarter of all those represented by Service Employees International Union Local 521, called in sick Tuesday, leaving the public works, utilities and planning departments stretched thin. Routine utilities and public works projects were delayed and the utilities customer service center was closed due to the shortage of service staff, but there were no other major disruptions, city spokeswoman Linda Clerkson said. (mercurynews.com)

Teamster militants out on strike v. oppressive Aunt Millie ... Alan Sprague, president of Truck Drivers Union Local 164, an affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, said he represents about 80 employees in five cities — Adrian, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Jackson and Temperance — taking part in the strike that began Friday. Workers in Lansing and Detroit also are striking Aunt Millie's, he said. That figure includes 19 employees in Jackson, said Aunt Millie's Marketing Director Melissa Dunning. (mlive.com)

Fraud: Rep. Steve Rothman placed on Dirty Money Watch ... WHO: Rep. Steve Rothman (D-N.J.), a co-sponsor of The Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check). WHAT: Rothman received the following dirty money: Communication Workers of America (PAC) $2,000 in 2008 election cycle; $1,500 in 2006 election cycle. Boilermakers Union (PAC) $1,000 in 2010 election cycle; $2,000 in 2008 election cycle; $2,000 in 2006 election cycle. The American Federation of Government Employees (PAC) $1,000 in 2010 election cycle; $2,000 in 2008 election cycle; $1,500 in 2006 election cycle. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (PAC) $10,000 in 2010 election cycle; $10,000 in 2008 election cycle; $10,000 in 2006 election cycle. Service Employees International Union (PAC) $2,000 in 2008 election cycle. WHY IT'S DIRTY: Multiple officers and members of these unions, including division presidents, secretary-treasurers and business managers, have been convicted since 2001 of felonies ranging from embezzlement, falsifying official reports to government, mail fraud and conspiracy. The Communication Workers of America and The American Federation of Government Employees have had eight convictions, the Service Employees International Union has had nine convictions and the Boilermakers have had 10 convictions, while the IBEW has had 14 members convicted. The amounts of embezzled funds range from over $5,000 to over $100,000. WHAT: Rothman received the following dirty money: PMA Group (PAC) $3,000 in 2008 election cycle. WHY IT'S DIRTY: PMA Group (Paul Magliocchetti and Associates) was a defense lobbying group that is now the focus of multiple federal investigations concerning allegations of influence peddling and other corrupt activities, mostly associated with earmarks. Before it was disbanded earlier this year, PMA Group's employees and its political action committee gave current members of Congress $3.4 million between 1989 and 2008, with 79 percent of that going to Democrats, according to OpenSecrets.org. WILL ROTHMAN GIVE IT BACK: Rothman did not respond to The Examiner's request for comment. THE SCORE: Number of Democrats who have given it back: 0. Number of Republicans who have given it back: 0. (washingtonexaminer.com)

We don't need no stinkin' 22nd Amendment ... Obama in 2016? Yes we can! Work has already begun to repeal the 22nd amendment, making possible a third term for President Barack Obama. We, the good people of this great nation, already did what some thought impossible. We helped elect an enigmatic junior Senator, Barack H. Obama, the 44th President of the United States. For more info: End22.com (examiner.com)

Musical chairs would be better ... Term limits have proven to be good for our presidency, so why not apply them to senators and representatives? An added benefit would be the opportunity for a larger number of our citizens to serve. (delawareonline.com)

International Collectivism

Thievery goes unpunished ... Where is America? Someone has stolen it. We have a president with a likable persona and the ability to smile and read teleprompters. We have more czars running the country than pre-Soviet Russia. We live under the illusion that “We, the people” have power. We see a herd of lemmings raised in liberal programming pens, hanging on every word but not questioning conflicting actions who are willing to follow their pied piper off a cliff. We have sham elections to mollify us that are run by rich, powerful ideologues with community organizations doing their legwork. Who are these ideologues? My bet is on George Soros as ideologue-in-chief. Learn about him and you will shudder for the future of our once-great nation. Then read the prophetic novels of Ayn Rand to see that awful future. (citizen-times.com)

Chávez longs for Bush ... During the meeting in Minsk, Alyaksandr Lukashenka expressed gratitude to Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez for the support he offers, including financial aid. Venezuelan president noted that he had visited a number of states during his tour. “I have brought greetings from the “axis of evil” to you,” Hugo Chávez said, conveying greetings from leaders of Cuba, Algeria, Libya and Turkmenistan. “I have brought greetings from gentleman Berlusconi (Italian Prime Minister). “But he (Berlusconi) is not a part of the axis of evil yet,” A. Lukashenka observed. (charter97.org)

Endless Alvaro hearts Hugo ... President Alvaro Uribe signed legislation Tuesday calling for a national referendum on amending the constitution to allow him to seek re-election for a second time. (blog.taragana.com)

Chávez blasts Israelis ... Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Friday told the Israeli people not to support their "genocidal" government that killed 1434 Palestiniansa, third of them were civilians, during its Jan.-Dec. war on Gaza. "The question is not whether the Israelis want to exterminate the Palestinians. They're doing it openly," Chávez said in an interview with Le Figaro published on Wednesday. "Remember the last Israeli aggression against Gaza. What was that if not genocide?" Chávez is on an 11-day trip to Libya, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Belarus, Russia and Spain. (worldbulletin.net)
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